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This is a great movie!-lots of fun!, 26 December 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all let me start by saying.." I loved this Movie!!! It was way more than anything I was expecting! Andrea Corr's acting was incredible! This movie is a fun,entertaining romantic comedy and was very hilarious with something for everyone. Andrea Corr stars as Anne a young talented violin player in a Celtic band trying to repeat as champions of the All-Ireland championships. Anne has grown up not knowing her father and thinking he was dead. Anne is sheltered by her mum played by Charlotte Bradley who is overprotective of Anne much to Anne's dismay. Anne wants to experience romance in her life but her mum has other plans which leads to conflict between the two. Bernard Hill plays the groups leader and Anne's mum friend. The leading contender to dethrone the band is a band from Liverpool lead by Bernard's younger successful brother played by Colm Meaney. If you don't want spoilers proceed with caution.

The two feuding brothers seem to stop at nothing to prevent the other band from registering in the contest. While at the contest Anne falls for flute player Telly-played by Shaun Evans who is also the rival band's best player. Anne's mother wants no part of this budding romance and forbids Anne from seeing Telly. During the course of the contest Anne learns the truth about her father and why her mum is so bitter and protective of her. Now I don't want to give away the ending so I wont but I just want to add this is one of the best endings I have seen on the silver screen. The movie is full of high-jinx's between the two brothers and the music in the movie is terrific!

There were some priceless moments during the movie with Andrea including a drunken Andrea falling into a river then throwing up on Telly and also some touching heartfelt moments between Anne and her mum. Andrea Corr in this movie made me both laugh and cry.