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I don't get the chance to see EVERY movie that comes out, and there's still a LOT that I want to see (I might change the list if I see something that merits a spot in the top 10). But for right now, here are the 10 best movies I got the chance to see this year!
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Again, I don't get to go out and see every movie I wanna see; I'm pretty busy, so I often have to wait until something comes out on DVD, and with the combination of closed video stores, my hesitancy to buy movies I haven't seen, and the fact that I use my Netflix account to see really obscure DVDs, you can see the problem. There's also the sad fact that not every movie is a nationwide release, so my state (Alabama) tends to get overlooked. So hopefully I'll make this list shorter and shorter as time goes on, but here's what I'm eagerly awaiting, in order of those I'm most dying to see.
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I found this list on my computer as I was going through my files. I figured I might as well put this one up as well. Just to make it easier, no summaries of why these are on here. Just pure list.
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Found this old list I had typed up last year and thought I would post it on here. Behold the awfulness!
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Inspired by Doug Walker on We all have those movies we're often in the minority on. These are movies that I really and genuinely like that other people really seem to hate. Now, trust me, I agree that all of these movies have their flaws, and often agree with people who address these as problems, but I don't feel they hurt the overall enjoyment of the movie. And if you're gonna leave comments, please don't be a jerk. I have my opinion and you have yours. Enjoy!
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Inspired by Doug Walker at Just like the other list, I'm in the minority on these. These are movies that people rave about that I just don't like at all. I don't hate all of them (that really only applies to the top 5), but just really don't care for them. While they might have some strong points, I just flat out don't like them, and people are always shocked whenever I express that. Same standards on the comments, please be nice.