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Bobby Darin Genius, 13 September 2007

All those long-winded criticisms and comments out there --- there are only two important points:

Bobby Darin was a musical genius and a great showbiz performer!

Kevin Spacey is a musical genius and a great showbiz performer!

Of course, Spacey loved Darin. Of course, it's a vanity project. Of course, there are historical inaccuracies --- it's a movie, for God's sake. Do you think Gregory Peck's portrayal of Douglas Macarthur was accurate? Did you imagine that Joachim Phoenix's role as Johnny Cash would cover every single aspect of the man's life in a mere two hours? "Beyond The Sea" is great --- a great, very creative movie about a great, long-forgotten performer.

While I type this comment, I am listening to Bobby's sensitive, versatile voice while he sings "Things" ---- a tribute to Darin's gifts of composition, vocal abilities and a tendency to incorporate his lifetime experiences into his own songs.

This movie will become better, and more respected, as time goes by.