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it is a wonderful life, 24 December 2004

It's dark, it's uplifting, it's melancholy, it's got a trainee angel, (his name is Clarence) it's got an obvious goodie, it's got an obvious baddie, it's got attempted suicide, it's got alcoholism, it's got Jimmy Stewart! It's the only film (other than The Matrix) i've watched more than twice. It's to be recommended; it's a wonderful life. Wha'd'ya people want? Watch it. You know you want to. How many times has someone said to you, "it's a wonderful life", great film, you should watch it? Why don't you listen? It's only going to take 130 minutes of your life. Frank Capra directed it. There'e no schmaltzy music or cheesy lines. Quite frankly - It's a Wonderful Life.