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So Brutally Bad It's Actually Watchable, 23 April 2014

This low-budget movie was released in 1961 and featured no actors you've ever heard of. Well maybe one - Tor Johnson, who was a regular in Ed Wood's cheapie sci-fi flicks. He was the "guest star," which also tells you how bad this was. Most of the dialog is in the form of narration and it is so corny it makes you wince. The "score" is ultra dramatic throughout the film and gets to be laughable after awhile.

Some IMDb reviewers called it the longest hour of film ever. Many said it was "the worst film ever made." Ha ha. I don't know about that, but it was terrible - some of the worst production values ever. The actors must have been so bad that they - get this - they never showed them speaking. Their backs were always turned. This dawned on me about 45 minutes in, so I doubt the voices were even those of the actors. Since it was filmed outdoors, they probably didn't have the money to have it miked outdoors.

The "beast" is just a huge fat guy (Johnson) with some goo pasted to his face. He throws some rocks and waves a stick and tries to chase some kids but can't movie very well. That's about it. Oh.....I forgot: he strangles people, too. The strangulations are the funniest (and worst acting) parts of the film. You actually will scoff and laugh!

However, despite a gazillion holes in this story start-to-finish, I found it so bad it was somewhat entertaining.... so it has some (very little) value!

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Not Bad.....Not Bad At All, 8 March 2014

This is a decent sci-fi flick from the Fifties ('57). It's entirely watchable, in that it had enough varied action to keep one's interest and didn't overdo any sappy romance angle, although there was one there.

This is no Jurassic Park when it comes to showing dinosaurs but, hey, the film was made over 55 years ago and special-effects were primitive back then. They're still not fact, good for that period. That, and this was most likely a low-budget film. It also may be a no-name cast for many readers here although those who grew up in the '50s might remember Jock Mahoney from the western"Yancy Derringer."

Still, the acting was fine, the story acceptable and, as mentioned, it moved well with a couple of surprising twists. I liked the fog-shrouded lost-world atmosphere and I was glad to see this in a widescreen DVD format with a good transfer.

If you're a fan of this genre, or hokey '50s sci-fi films, this is a movie to check out.

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A Little Of This, A Little Of That....And A LOT of Fun!, 1 September 2013

Frankenweenie was a pleasant surprise: a very entertaining film that was fun for a number of reasons. The story featured drama, comedy, suspense, action and even a little had everything. Plus, it had a terrific black-and-white palette. The stop-motion animated movie looks gorgeous.

Anyone who is familiar with the original Frankenstein film and Bride of Frankenstein had to get laughs out of the references to those 1930s classics. I know I did, laughing out loud several times. There also were touches in here of other pretty famous movies such as Godzilla, Gremlins, Gremlins 2, The Mummy and probably a couple of others that don't immediately come to mind.

All of that is involved in this story about a young "Victor Frankenstein," whose beloved dog "Sparky" is killed and then brought back to life by the young kid scientist (who went on to bigger things, as you know.) In this story, it's fairly mild until a bunch of weird schoolmates want to cash in on Victor's secret for re-animation. Then it gets tense/dark......probably a little too much for young viewers, so parents beware. However, for teens and up - particularly adult film buffs - this is a fun flick, start-to-finish.

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The Good & Bad, 20 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

GOOD - Gorgeous photography, beautiful small town and fall foliage.....likable lead character in young boy "Timothy," played winsomely by CJ Adams. For a kid with little acting experience, he's very good. The story is somewhat interesting and hooks you in early, making you care what happens to that boy. However, when it's all said and done, you just know that this film could have been so much more, because the premise is a good one. Nice, sweet ending in which Disney is always good at doing, leaves one with a nice feeling but it doesn't save the film.

BAD - The typical goofy Disney parents. Hollywood can't quite get "normal people," because those never seem to exist in movies. In this case, they are wacky and the two actors - Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton - both overact to the point of nausea at times. Timothy's girlfriend, "Jon." played by pretty Odeya Rush, is in the same grade as Timothy? She is obviously two or three years older. While he is about 11-12, she has the face and body of a 15-16-year-old. Most of the adults are all cartoon-like characters and unlikeable, except for "Uncle Bub" and his wife, "Aunt Mel."

Speaking of Uncle Bub, it was good to see character actor M. Emmet Walsh again. The man's getting up there in age but always fascinating to watch in his minor roles.

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Film Improved As It Went On, 20 July 2013

This film got better and better and went along. By the midway point, I thought it was okay, but nothing special, but by the end it turned out to be an entertaining film overall. In another words: a strong second half.

Make no mistake: this is a kids movie. However, there are things an adult can enjoy. While I found very few laugh-out-loud things, it still kept a smile on my face for a decent part of it.....and the colors were astounding. Please see this on Blu-Ray, if you have the opportunity. I don't have a 3-D player so I can't comment on that aspect. Bet it looks cool.

Overall, a fun film that I'd watch more than once.

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Worthy Of All The Awards, 4 March 2013

I enjoyed this the first time but on the second, I really appreciated this film and am very glad it won the awards it did. What superb acting, direction and cinematography. What an interesting - and different - story.

I know Colin Firth won the "Best Actor" Oscar but I just loved Geoffrey Rush in here as the speech therapist, "Lionel Logue." He was riveting, throughout the movie (not that Firth wasn't great as King George VI). Helen Bonham-Carter was very good, too, in an understated role as the king's wife, the famous Queen Elizabeth.

Kudos to Director Tom Hooper and Director Of Photography Danny Cohen. They made the picture just stunning to view.

Don't let the storyline fool you. Yes, it's about a king who had a stuttering problem and the man who helped him. Sounds boring, but it isn't. It's well worth your time.

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Series Keeps Getting Better, 4 March 2013

Sequels are supposed to get weaker and weaker but I have found just the opposite with Men In Black. I think they've gotten better with each least, entertainment-wise. MIB3 is simply the funniest of the lot and has a nice little unexpected sentimental ending.

Good stuff.

If you simply want a fun 100-or-so minutes of escapism with a bunch of laughs and outrageous scenes, this movie will deliver that.

A highlight to me was the performance of Josh Brolin, playing a young "Agent K." Man, did he have Tommy Lee Jones' character down pat - voice, inflection, mannerisms.....just incredible. Kudos to Brolin.

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Very Involving Story Which Still Holds Up Today, 7 February 2013

Yes, the movie is over 75 years old and dated....but the story is excellent and powerful..... and one that anyone can enjoy in any era. "If it's good in the past, it's still good," as Sly & The Family Stone commented at 1969's famous Woodstock concert.

To me, the biggest attraction of the film is the involving story. From early on, you really care about "Marcus" (Preston Foster) and then his adopted son "Flavius" (DavidHolt/John Wood). Foster is good in his lead role and very convincing as the hard-luck and bitter man who turns into a gladiator and then rich entrepreneur, so to speak. As hard a man as he is, he has a really soft spot for his family and will do anything for them (either wife or kids, depending on where you are in the story.)

All the characters are interesting. The only one who was a little bizarre to me was Basil Rathbone's "Pontius Pilate." I've never seen Pilate portrayed in such a sympathetic, friendly light as he was here, as Marcus's boss and then friend. Now Pilate may not have been the totally evil man many people perceive him to be, but he's no "good guy," that's for sure, and yet he was portrayed as such.

Regardless, the film is a good one with a dramatic ending and good special-effects for the mid 1930s. The most important "special effect," though, was not the eruption of Mount Vesuvius but the transformation of "Marcus's' hard heart. This was truly a man who "saw the light" near the end of his life, thanks to one Man.

Taken 2 (2012)
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No Credibility, But A Fun Ride, 26 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, if you liked the original Taken, and if it is suspense and action you crave, look no further than this sequel. You should wind up very pleased.

Liam Neeson plays the same role in a similar scenario. Instead of going to France to rescue his daughter "Bryan Mills" now is in Turkey on business and winds up attempting to rescue his ex-wife and keep his daughter safe at the same time. They joined him for a little R&R after things got tense at home. They were in for a surprise. The Romanian family of all the people "Mills" killed in the first film are out for revenge.They have waited six years and when they hear that Mills is in nearby Istanbul, they go after he and his family.

The length of this movie just about right, An hour-and-a-half - with the last hour almost non-stop action, is fine. Any more than that would have been too much. It would have been overkill, you could say. Actually, it's overkill already. This is escapist fare with little credibility (Neeson kills an unknown slew of foes while none shoots him, his daughter changes quickly from someone who can't pass her driving exam to a professional stunt car driver in unfamiliar and crowded streets, etc.).

Nonetheless, it's fun to watch and the 90 minutes go by fast.

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Saving Natasha, But Not The Season, 4 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm so sorry this begins the final year of this entertaining program.

As always, this opening episode deals with the story that ended the previous year. In this case, Natalie is locked in a car's trunk while the car speeds off a pier into the ocean. Nearby Horatio has been shot in the chest/abdomen area and is lying on the pier.

Of course, everyone knows our heroes aren't going to die, so the question is how they survived and how they capture the people responsible. In this story, there are two guys to go after.

In real life, there is no way "H" could do the things he does despite a serious injury, but - hey - it's all make-believe solely for dramatic purposes....and it's fun to watch.

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