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The Doe Boy (2001)
Didn't Get It!
28 December 2004
This movie was the biggest piece of absolute hog-wash that I had ever seen. I am from the town where the film was shot and I am also Cherokee and I must say . . . this movie (with my Indian heritage and all) made absolutely no sense. I left the room wondering what in the world I had just seen. The movie is filled with awful acting, no story-line and just nothingness. I will admit that the filmography was good. It is professionally presented although it is a "B" movie but otherwise I wouldn't go see it again if they paid me. What do you get when you cross a hemophiliac-native American with a poor story, bad acting and complete rubbish? Doe-Boy!
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Two thumbs down!
27 December 2004
To start, I am a huge Red Fern fan. I have the first one on DVD and video and also have read the book several times. I am from Tahlequah, OK where the movies were filmed and so it does strike a home chord for me. I finally purchased the remake today and I must say that I am so disappointed. Usually remakes kind of mix things up a little bit to make it a little more interesting than the first . . . this is exactly like the first, almost word for word and the acting leaves you wondering where they come up with these people at. Dave Matthews should stick with his singing gig and the boy that played Billy Coleman was awful. Also the movie was very unrealistic. I have been coon hunting several times and you let the dogs do the hunting and just wait until they bark treed. This poor kid is running all over the woods right behind the coon. UNREALISTIC. Also, I love how it is pouring down rain and they are fogging up dust. Poor special effects! Dust doesn't fog up in the rain! This movie was a good waste of $21 and also a good waste of Tahlequah's money since most of the bills were left unpaid here by the production crew! BAD MOVIE!
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