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An open-ended drama, 16 November 2007

Every now and then we see a Hollywood film that harps about the current post- war American situation. It is almost always packed with stereotypes about army men, Senators, journalists and it ends with a great deed or tragedy that is supposed to move the audiences albeit fuel their jingoism. 'Lions for Lambs' discusses the same situation with much greater responsibility and a brilliantly written and structured screenplay.

The plot of the film revolves around three events that are happening simultaneously – an ambitious Senator's (Cruise) interview with a leading journalist (Streep), a formerly zealous and now reckless student's meeting with a professor (Redford) of political science and a military attack on the Taliban in Afghanistan. The three events are deeply interconnected but the focus in every scene is on what every character believes in, and how it influences where America is and where it will be in the future.

The screenplay is deeply rooted in arguments between the leading characters and it focuses on presenting every person's perspective –whether it is a Senator who believes another military attack shall ensure a win, a student who believes that the political situation is too ruined to be studied and spoken about, or the journalist who doesn't want to unquestioningly support actions of the government like she had in the Iraq and Vietnam Wars. And there is also the story of two injured soldiers who are to be ambushed by the enemy in the Afghan mountains.

With great craftsmanship, no point of view is made to be bigger than the other. Yet, every view is articulately put forward. With no melodrama at hand, Redford presents different outlooks and makes the end product look effortlessly open-ended. Most significantly, the effect the film has on the audience is not mitigated by the lack of high voltage screaming and background music. The role as well as the viewpoint of politicians, the middle-class American student, the committed soldier and journalists is offered only so that it can be scrutinized by the audience.

'Lions for Lambs' attracts vast curiosity because of its cast that does its job with panache. Tom Cruise is flawless as Senator Jasper Irving. The movie offers one of the few moments where one can forgive Cruise's off-screen antics. Robert Redford plays Professor Stephen Malley like no one else would; watching his desperation and commitment as a professor is an experience. Meryl Streep plays the subtle Janine Roth with grace. That her role wasn't that of a stereotypical prowling hungry journalist is a relief. Andrew Garfield, as the disillusioned Californian student, is a great find and he has a lot to offer in the future.

Lions for Lambs may seem a preachy drama from the outside. The reason why one should watch it is because it is a simple film that asks you to make a choice,however different it may be from the makers of this film.

4 Minutes (2006)
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Nice film, 11 December 2006

Vier Minuten is a nice film. It has a great story and very good actors. Its milieu is near perfect and the movie doesn't try too hard to compel. But maybe there could have been something more to it. Yes, I shall elaborate a little better, but further on.

An old lady we meet see at the beginning is a piano teacher in a women's jail. She is curt, strict and laconic. She is intolerant of bad manners, therefore she refuses to teach a new prisoner, an angry and violent young girl. The story unfold as the pianist realises this girl is probably the most talented pianists she has come across, and she begins to prepare her for an upcoming talent competition. The girl on the other hand has had a troubled past which reflects in her everyday anger and oblivion, and prefers playing 'negro' music as opposed to her teacher's taste for refined classical stuff. Yet,the conflict between them blooms into a witty friendship.

Further on, we get to see the pasts of these two women, and why they are what they are. I wish they had established a better connection of the old pianist's past with her present. It would have made things much clearer. This makes the film, a story...a great story which fails to reason itself.

Yet I shall recommend this movie to all film lovers. You never know what new experience you find in a film and there is something to find in here......

A Soap (2006)
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En Soap - an interesting film, 11 December 2006

The Soap is an interesting movie and very brilliant at parts. You must watch it for its strong characterisation and the risks the plot about two troubled individuals falling in love takes. You must know the story through various other reviews, so lets speak about what is brilliant about this movie.

Firstly, the two protagonists are so real and such intriguing personalities. The first being a woman who has opted out of a four year relationship and is angry enough to sleep with anyone coming her way. The second being a man who has always wanted to be a woman, whose pain and loneliness is shown with so much sensitivity and brilliance. You hate the former and your heart bleeds for the latter.

The second thing about this movie is the entire concept of loving one for who one is, irrespective of gender. So, would you still love your partner if he/she were to change his/her sex? The movie explores that idea and it is a beautiful one.

But there is one point where the movie fails. I wish the relationship between the protagonists had developed in a better way. That what they feel is love doesn't come across till the end. But watch it, and post your thoughts on it here.......

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God Bless Clint Eastwood!, 26 March 2005

And i don't even believe in God! I think MDL was powerful. It was a movie that moved u without being too dramatic. And thats the beauty of this movie. Hillary Swank is an acting diva. She is one of the best actresses of this era. Clint Eastwood does a lovely job as Frankie.But more importantly he is one helluva director. he deserved not one but two Oscars for it. Morgan freeman is the best actor in the world. He never disappoints. The screenplay is really slow...but thats is to suit the style of film-making. The use of lighting in the movie really helps set the atmosphere required. And the world of boxers and their trainers is portrayed with complete justice.Dialogues are short, crisp and hard hitting.One of the best movies made in the past few years. God Bless Clint Eastwood.

21 Grams (2003)
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Amazing style of filming!, 26 March 2005

The director's style of filming is absolutely amazing. To bring pieces of the jig saw puzzle together in the movie is a fantastic idea. Benicia Del Torro is the true hero of this movie. He delivers a knock out performance. He deserves a standing ovation for it. Sean Penn is great as always. Naomi Watts is top notch. But del Torro makes them kinda inconspicuous(wow now thats a strong word). The story is well written. The screenplay is kinda compelling at times.Camera work is commendable 2. A must watch.However the movie cud have been shorter. (it isn't too long and the length wasn't really a problem. the supporting cast doesn't provide as much support as the main cast.