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BOUND & GAGGED - GINGER LYNN s&m adult road movie, 15 August 2005

BOUND & GAGGED (1992). Starring GINGER LYNN ALLEN (The Devil's Rejects, ...& lots of porn), KAREN BLACK (Easy Rider, House of a 1000 Corpses), CHRIS DENTON, CHRIS MULKEY (48 Hours, Dreamscape, First Blood, The Long Riders). Directed DANIEL B APPLEBY. Bound & gagged is a sexy, stylish road movie about a bizarre love triangle. Directed by Daniel Appleby, the film follows the fortunes of strong willed Elizabeth, her bisexual lover Leslie (Legendary porn star Ginger Lynn Allen) & her straight friend Cliff. Cliff is plagued by visions of his wife having sex with different men & is driven to numerous failed attempts at suicide, whilst the stunning, sexy & vulnerable Leslie suffers abuse from her violent, volatile husband Steve (Chris Mulkey). Elizabeth decides that she would like her lover to herself, & persuades Cliff to help kidnap Leslie & take her away on a journey to freedom. Needless to say, the trip does not go planned when Leslie is chloroformed, bound & gagged....

Hollywood on the Sussex coast, 13 July 2005

Modern (1920's) version of the Cinderella Fairy tale with Joan Morgan as the vulnerable Hester Stirling, who must overcome the evil schemes of Dr Torpican to find true love.

A Lowland Cinderella was made in the Shoreham 'Glasshouse' studio by Progress Film Company in the summer of 1921 & released at the end of that year. The Shoreham Beach Glasshouse studio produced films for Britain & the world between 1919 to 1923, most of these were made by the Progress Film Company, with Stanley Morgan as its Director of Production. Joan Morgan became the Shoreham Studio's leading actress, being described as "A beautiful British star". A new score was added in 1996 by Richard Durrant.