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Esther (1999) (TV)
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Esther is a jewel, 6 June 2005

Obviously, as all movies based on The Bible this is only a good place to start one's introduction to The Bible....but this one is a very good intro in my opinion. As a student of The Bible for many years I found myself comparing the movie with the biblical text and found myself learning some interesting gems. For instance, this guy Ahasuerus really loved Esther deeply...which is brought out in the movie "and the scriptures" for those who care to note...why else would Ahasuerus offer Esther half the kingdom when she entered upon risk of her life and then he turns around later and offers to grant her request with "no limitations." There are other gems in this movie for those who care to see.

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An excellent road sign, 21 March 2005

I recently watched this movie meticulously as I had the job of transcribing most of it to paper for a later production translation. I had seen this movie when it was originally broadcast in the 70's. Being a visually oriented learner, creative type and fundamental but immature in my Christian faith...I was distracted by the handsomeness of Powell and his blue eyes and aforementioned preoccupation of my own perceptions.

That said, I would say that this is the best movie made about the life of Christ that I have seen and I've seen numerous. Robert Powell does make the character of Jesus very human and believable...and also gives the viewer a sense of the divine...Jesus was 100% man and 100% God. In short, a viewer can look forward to meeting this Jesus and not feel condemned...and can walk away forgiven.

But there are people in this world who are fundamental and want to see a Jesus as described in The Bible as accurately as possible for a human to portray. Personally, I believe that God can inspire a man to play the role of Jesus to a certain extent. It's my opinion that Powell was inspired...not totally, but to a certain extent. BTW doesn't God want all of us to act like little Jesus'? Obviously, no man can portray the character of Jesus fully...there is only one Jesus.

I would still like to see a Jesus that matches the biblical description: - he was not handsome according to the prophet Isaiah. - he was so beat up during his passion that he was not able to be recognized to be a man...again the prophet Isaiah. - His beard was torn out...again, I believe that's Isaiah.

In my opinion, "The Passion" surpasses "Jesus of Nazereth" in that part of the story...but it too falls short of the points above.

All in all, Jesus of Nazereth is an excellent road sign to point men to the truth.

Seabiscuit (2003)
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True Story's are the best...this is one of them., 29 December 2004

The photography was great as well as the locations of the shooting. Excellent photography is one thing...but excellent locations is another issue...the best photographer in the world can't make an impact without a great location and this one does from start to finish. The horse races are truly an exciting event to watch on screen...possibly better than actually being there in some ways since you get the on-track and up close view that you would never get from the stands.

The characters are so real that it doesn't take a lot of time to develop their persona. You can watch this movie and actually learn something positive for you own life by understanding these people's actions. They are not complete but they did have a sense of love and foregiveness for one another. Listen up homeschool mothers...This is a movie that could be legitimately used as an educational tool to teach psychology, US History and Sports...this movie does demonstrate a good use of the "fruit of the Spirit" but unfortunately without giving God any credit...CAUTION...there is one scene with partial nudity (a prostitutes back)...but at least it was not gratuitous...however, it could have been shot with just the woman's voice and not actually have shown her. It was an attempt by the writers to explain how naive the hero is...He is so naive he hopes his prostitute friend won't want the money...Wrong...but a good example of how easily man's nature deceives us, when going in the wrong direction. With the exception of the prostitute scene I would let my 9 year old son watch this movie...and we are very protective. There are some so called family movie's we won't allow. I would consider some of the fight scenes somewhat gratuitous...they could have been shorter and accomplished the objective of building the character.

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Very Unique Experience, 21 December 2004

I had a very unique experience watching this movie. I was watching a Russian pirated version...Somebody messed up the audio sync badly. At the beginning of the movie the lip sync was just off enough to the movie progressed the audio sync got worse...until half way into the movie the audio was about 1 minute behind the film...By the time it got to the final game it was about two minutes behind the picture. Obviously this is not the way to watch an entire movie, but for the final game the very delayed audio playing under the picture gave the whole final game a "dream like" or "deja vu" effect for a lack of better terms. If you happen to have NLE capabilities in your computer I highly recommend that you unsync the audio and video in this movie during the last game...It makes for an interesting show. I plan to watch the last scenes again in this fashion...and later I hope to get a copy that really works:) I thought the music soundtrack really worked well. Inspite of the nonsynced audio through the entire movie I would rate this movie quite authentic as far as the football scenes are concerned. The characters were also well developed and alive.