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What a campy gem, 24 July 2009

Found this one by chance when it was mentioned on a special interest forum. Being a fan of flicks showing 70s London I got the DVD – and was entertained in such a fine way! Firstly the campy settings, the non-existence of special effects and the funny cliché type personnel in the film (gay sex photographer, greedy sex show guests etc...) make it an extraordinary tour-de-bad-taste in B-film history. Secondly the hilarious humor thrown in at all points (e.g. when a doctor gets a nervous breakdown after examining the girl, finding no pulse and trying to re-animate her). But thirdly – and mostly – what I did not expect: the real sweet and romantic love story evolving throughout the film's episodes. I will not spoil anything here but give one comment: to feel love anyone needs a heart. You will know when having seen the film (recommended).

In total there is a lot of rather innocent nudity, a bit of foul language and a diversity of good ideas woven into this one. Plus a nice soundtrack. From me 8/10.

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Hypocritical, 29 March 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to say I liked the film, the (somewhat stereotyped) characters and the funny set - up to the last 15 minutes. Here it got ridiculous as we are forced to believe good sex can only come from love relationship (it may but no it does not have to!!!) and the thrill seeking young temptress should be avoided like hell (except if you are the stoned loser of the gang). Will anybody believe the friends who wanted to get him into "it" would turn up at the lady's place to save him? What kind of rubbish! And to top all of this nonsense we are made to believe that the first time should only happen after Christian marriage ceremony. Ripping off the HAIR dance scenes to underfeed the sour morale. What a waster! To disguise this lame hypocritical nonsense we are over fed with rude language and some toilet humour scenes.

If any male virgin may read this: do yourself a favour and avoid this flic. Go out, meet the girls and have fun - this will be a better investment in your life.

3/10 for some good acting.

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Pumping Iron-y, 6 January 2008

I first saw this film a decade ago hidden in the nite program of a cable network. Only got half of it as I tuned in while it was already running and fell asleep before it was off. But that muscle babe kept me interested in seeing the whole thing. So now with the full DVD box of Nemesis I-IV available I could enjoy it in full.

On the contrary of many receptions here I am not in favor of Nemesis I. It is over ambitious and still crap. But Nemesis II catches what I would expect from a good action flick w/o budget - short introduction of persons, setting of characters and scene and then: Action! Not much suspense but a good laugh from time to time about plot holes so big even Sue Price could push through her broad shoulders . So for example the Cyborg first tries desperately to kill our hero whereas later revealing he would like to kidnap her alive.

Sue Price is really a feast for the eyes if you're into strong women. About her acting: if I had so many big muscles to co-ordinate I doubt I would find the time to control the small ones in my face to give it different expressions.

By the way Mr. Pyun had a wise choice of putting the storyline into African desert as only here our female hero can be densely clad to show mostly all of her beautiful body.

So all in all well entertaining and worth the time watching. I look forward to pt. III and IV in my DVD box with anticipation.

Dust (2001/II)
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The walking dead with a cause, 27 October 2006

I took it for a nice evening from the B-film layer in the video store, so I was ready to be disappointed - which I never was. Already the start sequence kept me glued to the screen guessing what was behind the sinister words and to find out it was worse than expected. Truly most characters failed to be sympathetic but then they appealed rather "real" to me. Plus the great cinematography with moving cam and false colors - great! And topping this was the extent of violence *not* shown (I saw a German R18 version so most probably it was not cut). In some scene we see just the gun being fired and then a glimpse from inside a car through broken windows to the shooter - that's it.

By the way I did find some strong resemblance in picturing the Hillbills going mad with the Dead trilogy. They were something like the walking dead with a cause - drugs.

And then, don't miss the ending credits. One of the protagonists gives a Lars von Trier cameo and makes sure we all understand this is a true Anti-Dogma film.

Standing out on its own - 7 out of 10 from me.

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(N)ice cold picture, 18 September 2006

So Elling adds another experience of Nordic Films for me. Not being familiar with the previous movies staring this special person I stumbled into this little gem of a movie. To my opinion characters are fairly good depicted and act in rather believable way. Add to this a nice plot, some very comic and also some tragic moment and it will make up the kind of film I love: you may laugh at times, you even shed the small tear at times and you feel the world is not as bad as it may seem sometimes after watching.

Very enjoying, I recommend to everyone who is interested in some good European cinema.

Punchline: "They translate the menu into German, English and Swedish. Why not Norwegian - the oil business language of the world?"

Red Eye (2005)
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I liked it, 18 May 2006

Reason why Wes Craven got me this time (again) was that I was not expecting so much of a good thrill from this movie. The characters are believable, the story is straight and does not get exaggerated and the FX are in scope of the whole picture. I liked best the claustrophobic journey on plane which even delivered better than "Flightplan" because the plot was not this much constructed.

Funnily enough, maybe due to location, I was reminded more than once of Miami Vice at its best, with some heavy weapon carrying villains, two good guys (Lisa and Cynthia) and some funny pals like the odd couple complaining at hotel reception all the time.

If Hollywood finds back its good tradition of nice little films with a good thrill like here - well I'm happy. Thanks, Mr. Craven and see you next time. 7/10

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Louis De Fun-es - whats in a name?, 10 May 2006

The Gendarm is one of these movies which get aired in Germany at least twice a year on television on public holidays. Shame on me I never took the opportunity to give it my full attendance. So now when it got re-released on DVD in a box containing the first 3 flix with Louis De Funes as Gendarm Cruchot I gripped my chance – and was in no way disappointed.

In the first 10 minutes of his movie (which I never saw before) we are introduced to the choleric character of a county policeman arresting fish and chicken thieves and singing in the church choir. This piece of film is in black and white contrasting the colorful scenes at St Tropez later on. Already these first 10 minutes are the work of a genius in humor. De Funes never fails to amuse with his extraordinary combination of being the law abiding correct police officer and same time unable to control his overwhelming emotions as depicted in his facial expression and excessive gestures. With this he is throughout the movie never overacting like in some of his later works.

About the main part of the movie we see him elevated to lead a fearless four of flics in the mundane town of St Tropez on Mediterranean Cote D'Azur. Some story lines are welded together about nudist bathers (are they in existence still?), young folks doing some vandalism and finally a big robbery of a classical painting which he can (by chance for sure) resolve. These are used to include some extraordinary political and social satire sub-tones like Louis leading his flics into assault on nude people on the beach like famous French Foreign Legion soldiers in desert wars.

I was brilliantly entertained by this comedy and could laugh out loud on some of the punchlines and almost dadaist slapstick. Oh, and you won't forget the catchy St Tropez tune performed by his film daughter and featured 3 times in the film. I give it 8 out of 10.

Additional trivia for German version: In the restored version on DVD we see some short scenes which were cut from the theatrical version, recognizable by not being overdubbed with German synchro. They do not add much to the story but fit into the picture of a great comedy.

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Great and Spanish - again..., 21 February 2006

Got stuck with this film in a late night broadcast on TV. Wondering about the strange suicidal tendencies of mostly all main actors (some only to be revealed in the final quarter) I was sucked into the straight but obviously multi layered story. Since the days of Bunuel's strange satire films I have become addicted to Spanish cinema and again I was not disappointed. Good mixture of love story, mystery Thriller and some decent nice eroticism.

Shame my VCR is broken so I can not review this fine pic soon again but next time its on I will be with it, too.

Strongly recommended - 8/10*

Utopía (2003)
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Pleasantly surprised, 29 January 2006

My video store offered this as optional B pic free of charge when lending a blockbuster. And to be honest here the blockbuster was topped (what was it again? :) Eerie camera effects, a very strange setting from start time skips and ongoing suspense made this a pleasant and intelligent surprise. Well not that much of a surprise as it's from Spain, see? (Open yr Eyes...etc) Characters were believable, are allowed to grow emotionally with film time and torn apart like Angela with clinging to their companions and her own feeling for justice.

Don't expect a big bang at the end, better be prepared for 90 minutes of tense movie experience - I recommend it!

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Truly beautiful, 7 September 2005

Watching a film by Helmut Dietl you expect the usual posse of sometimes hysteric and strange people. You get this here - but intelligently woven into a true romance drama of love, life and death and their relationship. One of his best works was the TV series of "Monaco Franze" in the late 70ies, here he succeeds again in showing REAL feeling. Additionally it is sheer unbelievable how strong Dietl can lead his actors into impersonating their roles - wonderful and worth an academy award.

If you're into Greek mythology, German films or true love and its remainder - go see it. Don't forget your handkerchief by the way...

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