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Favorite movies:

I see no sense in comparing so called art-house movies to 'event'-movies, I can say which sort of 'apple' I prefer, but do not compare them to 'oranges'.

Genre movies (often with such a high budget that they need a high BO result) or belonging to a genre not all ppl will even allow/admit them-self to watch... = 'oranges'
So what call movies who are a mix of both ... 'bananas'?

I judge movies in this way:
if the goal was to film a cop-buddy movie and someone did it in an excellent way, even when the plot is done a 10000 time, then it is for me still excellent (= the word's description here on IMDb for 10/10).

A well-crafted, thought through art-house movie might be story wise a lot more original and also more interesting and... and can still be only a 7 or worse

And sometimes even a heavily flawed movie ends on my lists for some unique details or...

Not a 'best' movies list, it's FAVORITE movies. It includes all the few comedies / movies with strong comedic aspects I can stand or love too.
Two pages!
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What other kinds of films are even worth to go to the cinema anymore?
Open range, speed, spec. effects.. are reasons for me to still drive an hour per direction to a cinema.
Suggestions via P.M. appreciated !

. . . . . . I do NOT have a facebook-account !

. Order: 'List Order' is mostly the US release date.
If the US has no release date or a very late one, than it is Germany's release date
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not sorted in any way, the Sci-Fi's I ENJOYED the most.
A lot of the more actual titles will be missing as I hadn't have the time to watch them yet.
Or I didn't remind to add them yet.
Or I can't watch it as it makes me puke for it's visuals like Inception.
Or... I simply forgot the titles's name (happens way too often)
I do love my dics
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Without solely 'Silent Movie's' actors

incl what work got me curious or consider as their signature work

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... and I do not even look out for director's names.

Plus ~ 40 other directors.

In no particular order.
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TV-series I like, but are not my favorites

I usually watch several seasons in one row, sometimes it takes time to find the mood/time for that...
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