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Give it some time, 27 November 2013

I first came across Bob's Burgers on the entertainment system on an airplane, and I clicked it since non of the shows on board interest me in anyway. First Impression? Terrible, the characters were extremely annoying and unlikable, and left me turning it off three minutes in. HOWEVER, when I returned home, I decided to give it another go. When I started, I was like just emotionless, I still didn't like it. But as I went on, the show just started to grow on me and just like that I was HOOKED. It takes time for you to get used to the characters and like basically the show itself. I love Linda so much, she's just so sassy, it cracks me up whenever she talks. So for those people who hates it the first time you see it, give the show a few more tries, you'll grow to love it. Hey I watched the entire season 3 in 2 days!