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best cinema experience of my life, 20 August 2006

went to see it last night and half way through the film became unimportant...the whole experience of the film was cinema experience I'V ever had...the film was hilarious and in no way ever took itself seriously,Samuel was brilliant.

funniest moments of the film where when we first see the 400 snakes in the cargo hold and the whole cinema erupted in cheers(screen 17 in the UGC in Dublin...a lot of people)..also when the whole cinema went quiet and someone shouts out in a Samuel l voice..."god damn snakes"...everyone fell around laughing I'm not gonna spoil anymore...but when Samuel says that one line "enough is enough,I'V had it with these damn snakes!"...that was gr8...again the whole place erupted in cheers and married with children style chants.

if you see a film this year, see this...a lot of you will be saying that looks stupid..well it is but in a really good way...i'd say this film on DVD would be no where near as good...all the people laughing their heads off at the same stupid lines and horrible deaths is what made it for me.

if you wanna see Samuel l on a plane fighting 400 snakes saying the works f*ck! and d*mn! along with some cheap nudity.i'd give this a look

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Hmmmm didn't she die in the first one?, 19 December 2004

Firstly I have to make something clear I loved the first movie,it was a sci-fi masterpiece.

This sequel does something no other sequel has ever attempted to do......and thats were it all went wrong,the plot has absolutely nothing to do with its predecessor it stumbles along at a very slow speed which becomes highly annoying due to the incredibly bad script which is badly performed by very poor actors who included BRENDA STRONG! the reason i have placed an exclamation mark after her name is due to the fact that she died in the first film and played a completely different character.One thing this film is said too have going for it is the high level of quality CG effects but if you actually watch the first film you will notice that every good CG moment is repasted into this production and changed in no way whatsoever.

OK lets talk about the directing,actually lets not because in my view this director seemed like he was trying to make a soft corr porno movie and not the sci-fi action film that most had hoped for,why do i say this you?well when you take in all the unnecessary nudity and cheesy as sin sexual innuendos it seems that the alien bugs have no interest anymore in getting into our galaxy and destroying our planet they seem too have more interest in getting into the Troopers pants.

This film supposedly cost $3,000,000,Hmmmmmmmm it would seem to my that Glenn S.Gainor should learn to spend his money more wisely

Angel Flight Down (1996) (TV)
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Like The Plane,This Film Was Only Ever Going To Go Down, 19 December 2004

Picture the scene,me and a buddy are on holidays in Gran Canaria.Its a cloudy day so we decide to stay in our hotel room and sample a random day time film.We flick to channel 6,THE MOVIE CHANNEL.

We settle down to watch a film entitled ANGEL FLIGHT DOWN........sounded promising,I always like watching disaster films especially ones involving planes.We start to watch the film,immediately I recognise David Charvet from Baywatch fame although I'm too embarrassed to tell my mate I actually remember his face so....I keep quiet.The films plot involves a GRIEF-STRICKEN child in need of urgent medical assistance,so urgent,they needed an angel flight,unknown to them,it was going DOWN,hence the title,Angel Flight Down.

Its a snowy night,but they just gotta get that kid(terribly played by Deanna Milligan,for the whole film she makes silly noises that is supposed to portray a sick child)to the hospital.The plane takes off and everything seems fine but ten minutes into the journey,something.......goes wrong.The engine fails.At this point in the review I must point out that the plane going down scene is pretty good with outdoor and indoor cockpit shots of the disaster about to happen.

The plane crashes in the snowy mountains but all inside survive the crash.OK,this review is a bit long winded so I'll cut to the chase,the acting is god awful,terrible,shocking,diabolical. After I watched the film I felt violated.After the plane crash we are left with an hours worth of bilge of a film.The people in the plane try to stay warm and for some reason one of the people gets out of the plane and rants and raves for a bit only to walk back inside the plane for absolutely NO REASON.

Obviously,in the end,all the people in the plane are rescued by live helicopters and David Charvet learns to be a better man blah blah blah.Terrible film.....seriously,how do people who make these films sleep at night?If you want to see a half decent disaster air-plane movie go rent out Alive.

Milo (1998)
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Suppose to be scary but in reality the funniest film ever made, 19 December 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Milo is a complete rip off of the 1992 slasher flick Mikey, if you actually check it up both films have the same tagline!But if you want to watch an incredibly funny film with absolutely no plot whatsoever......well then this is the film for you.The acting is terrible and the flashback scenes are overwhelmingly confusing. The story behind this atrocity is simple Milo Jeeder is a kid with serious family problems,his father is an abortion doctor who keeps unborn feoutus's in a jar (NICE!) and was desperate for a child of his own, he figured out a way to bring one of these aborted children to life and he named him............. MILO!!!!!

Aside from all the Bad Acting,Terrible directing,annoying sound of Milo's voice and the ear piercing sound of the bell on his bike ,if you take away all that badness its still a bad but funny attempt at a film.

I'll give it a bank busting 1 out of 10