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Goof and questions?, 19 September 2013

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If Dexter was trying to erase his presence in Vogel's house, why did he put on his gloves *after* he left his fingerprints all over the place - e.g. light switch, file cabinet, laptop, etc. (If he wiped them later, it wasn't shown and why not just put on the gloves before?)

When Saxon is freed from his restraints, where did he get a gun? Maybe I just missed something there.

Did Marshall Cooper not get the memo about Saxon's incriminating video? Why did he free him?

This episode was not up to their usual standards, IMO. Dexter was really out of character, and I didn't buy the reason for it.

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An exceptionally good show ..., 2 February 2007

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A brilliantly conceived and original idea (the real time formatting), but not without continuity problems. It must be very difficult to maintain the time line without errors. I have been watching DVDs of Season 1 and 2 and eventually finding myself obsessed with catching these mistakes. (e.g. In Season Two, Jack shaves off his beard at just before 9:00 a.m., but by 10:00 a.m., he has a five-o'clock shadow. This beard comes and goes for the next 24 hours. Just one of several obvious ones.) However, the suspense, the plot-twists and the acting are worth the distraction. The total unbelievability of EVERYTHING makes it that much more enjoyable. It is a completely addictive show.

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Worth watching just for the host chat, 18 December 2004

I've watched this show every morning for the past 3 1/2 years. Compared to other talk shows, it's no great shakes, but the host chat is worth watching for two reasons. Kelly Ripa (replacement for the much hated Kathie Lee Gifford) is wonderful! She is hip, beautiful, warm, smart and one of the quickest wits around. Her spontaneous, off-the-cuff sense of humor makes me laugh out loud several times every show. In contrast to Regis Philbin, she is self-effacing, modest and takes a genuine interest in the guests. I find her absolutely delightful.

The second reason I watch is to see Regis fall on his face every five minutes. How this man has sustained a show business career all these years is a mystery. He has no talent and he can't pronounce or remember a name, a place, or a date if his life depended on it. He doesn't do his research and it shows during his interviews. He totally lacks any warmth, has a monumental ego (talks about himself incessantly and often refers to himself in the third person!), and is completely technically incompetent. He can't open a bottle, operate a cell phone, or work a VCR, among many other failures. He is also a wuss (watch him during an animal segment - he's scared of everything), a bully, a curmudgeon, a screamer, and can be incredibly rude. He interrupts everyone and barely lets Kelly get a word in edgewise. The best shows are when he's away and Kelly can let loose with a fill-in co-host. However, it's a riot watching how many times he can screw up during each show.

Watch this show for Kelly Ripa and try not to throw your shoe at the screen every time Regis Philbin messes up or yells at the camera.