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The best Playboy Mid Summer Night's Dream Party ever, 18 January 2017

The 1985 Mid Summer Night's Dream Party was the event of the 80s in Hollywood. It was Hugh Hefner's coming out party after recovering from his stroke on March 6th of that same year. It was the first time he appeared in public without his traditional 'tobacco-pipe'.

Hollywood turned out for that year's summer party to welcome Hef back to his social life. Sports stars, movie stars, politicians and corporate big wigs, were all part of the festivities at the Playboy Mansion that year.

The Mid Summer Night's Dream parties were all aired live on the Playboy channel, and the 1985 party was done right to make sure that year's party was going to be filmed first rate, from the equipment used to the decorations, food, and choice of live interviews.

On sports trivia, Jessie Eastland introduced Moses Malone to Jerry Buss that evening at Jerry's request, and on Romance trivia, Shannon Tweed (former Playmate of the year) met Gene Simmons (drummer for Kiss) at this party. The Malone-Buss-Lakers marriage never got off the ground, but at this writing Tweed and Simmons are still together, and were finally married on September 23rd, 2016.

1985's Party became the most viewed, and most watched Playboy Mansion party ever. The crew that filmed it, really nailed the feeling of the mansion parties, and if you can get yourself a copy of this party, you won't be disappointed. If you are a fan of Playboy, this is a 'must see'. 10 of of 10 stars.

Complete and utter garbage, 25 December 2016

I'd like to sue the Cohen Brothers for wasting two hours of my life, along with HBO, whose titles of late mostly belong in the "suck" column.

The worst part about a terrible movie being acquired by HBO, is the fact that they put it on a scheduled play list for two months. So the torture of this horrible Cohen Brothers monster, will be shoved in my HBO line-up, like it or not, and it will seem like an eternity until it runs its course.

The sad part is, the actors really gave it their best. Even Channing Tatum, who, if I never saw again on screen it would be too soon, proved that he can dance. Unfortunately, his dance routine seems to take up half the movie, just like all the other little 50s bits they stuck in here to relive the period were all waaaaaay too long. Reason: The movie had nothing going all. It is really an embarrassment.

If I have to pick 'one thing' that I liked in this horror, it would be Scarlet Johansson's 'spot on' 50's Hollywood New York accent.

There wasn't one spot I even smiled, no less laughed. The Cohen's tried to put a comedy spin on the socialist environment in 50's Hollywood, and got so lost in the process, you are left holding your mouth open at the end, because you can't believe what you just watched.

Avoid this like the plague, unless you like torturing yourself.

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Shame of Thrones, 14 June 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a very surprising episode to me. We all have our own version in our heads of how this show will finally end, and who needs to live, and who needs to die, and also who ends up with who.

I never read the books. I've only watched this show from the beginning to this season finale, with no idea how the original author ties things up.

The first 40 minutes of this episode in my opinion, was one of the best 40 minutes of the entire series except for the weird temple segment.

Something happens to Arya that was so obviously put there to extend her temple visit by bored and over worked writers. Just plain dumb, as is her entire journey to the temple and the morons that live there. Too bad about the ending incident with her this week, because I enjoyed the temple goings on more than usual up to that point.

The Blonde queen (Daenerys) finds herself in a potentially interesting situation, so no stars taken away for her segment.

The two areas where I had to take an additional 2 stars away are the absolute "Shame, Shame, Shame" unnecessary gratuitous nudity and stupidity of the Queen mother's atonement, as much as I hate her character.

Then, the shocking end of the show that eliminates the person from the series that I was sure was going to end up marrying Daenerys.

So. three strikes and your down to 7 for this disappointing, and sad finale. It reminded me of the episode in season one, when they killed off Ned Starke. I sat there with my jaw dropped.

You never know who's going to bite the dust in this series. That makes sometimes interesting, or miserable outcomes, depending on your personal favorites or point of view. I think they crossed the line this episode, and took even more logic out of it, making it harder to love it.

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Best episode of the series, 7 June 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This glorious episode of Game of Thrones, gave us everything we have been anticipating concerning the Blonde Queen and her dragons.

However, even without the surprise visit from her favorite dragon at the end, the entire battle sequence was spectacular, and both sides of the battle actually still breathed air.....unlike the last episode, when I thought I was watching one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The entire episode held your attention, was well written, well shot, perfectly directed, and displayed much of the potential this series is capable of.

If you love Thrones, you will absolutely love this episode:" The Dance of Dragons".

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Game of Bones, 1 June 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

They're Back.......The fighting dead skeletons. This series flip flops more than Mitt Romney. It's Great....It Sucks......It's Great.....It Sucks.

This week, I was really enjoying the episode. One of the Stark daughters was getting closer to finding out what happened to her brothers, and the other was beginning as a graduate of the weird temple, and off to poison some unsuspecting villain.

Our lovely Queen Mother is drinking off the floor, so we love that.

The little guy had finally hooked up with the Blonde Queen. That was a big one, because you know the key people in this story that must become allies in order for it to have "good triumph over evil" in the end.

But the writers, just like some of the characters are weak, and must add in the box office Halloween garbage to ruin a story that is already sometimes too ridiculous to take seriously. But we try. And sometimes it runs for weeks with a purpose and a logic that grabs you back in, and makes you care.

Well, those of you that wish you were watching The Pirates of the Caribbean instead of Thrones, will love the last 20 minutes of this episode, while the rest of you with an IQ over 80, will shut off the TV when the walking dead arrive, just like I did.

Up until they arrive in John Snow's section, I would rate this episode a 10. I had to take 4 stars off for the arrival of the bone people that have no place in this series.

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Poorly written episode, 22 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Dexter is my favorite series, and the only reason I subscribe to Showtime. However, this, the final season, I have been disappointed. This episode in particular was just plain stupid for many reasons. I'll just mention one: Dexter decides to lure his next victim out of hiding so he can do him in. So he calls his potential victim from the hospital room of the victim's Father, telling him to come quick, because his Father's heart is giving way. The "concerned" target rushes to the bedside of his Father. So what does Dexter do? Instead of waiting for him outside the hospital, and injecting him with the knockout drug; he chooses to wait "in the Father's Hospital Room" with his needle.

What was he going to do? Inject him in the room, and carry an unconscious victim down the halls of a Hospital, smiling at the nurses? DUMB. He should have waited outside the Hospital, and captured his prey as he exited his car, then throw the unconscious body in Dexter's usual. Then take him to his prepared Kill Room for the nasty deed.

As soon as I saw Dexter waiting in the Father's Hospital room, I knew this would be a failed attempt, and the writers had no intention of ending the victim's life in this episode. Then the victim sees Dexter, and pulls his Father's oxygen tube from his mouth, to set off the alarm and alert the nurses so he could escape. Then Dexter makes the DUMB comment that this guy rather see his Father die, than be caught.

The victim already proved he loved his Father by immediately showing up at the Hospital, so the writers were REALLY out to lunch in this scene.

Also this season, they destroy the entire concept of Dexter's Dad being the cool inventor of "the Code", and make him out to be a wimpy loser that ends up killing himself, because he couldn't deal with Dexter becoming a serial killer. For me, bringing in Charlotte Rampling as the Shrink who really invented the code, was a poor judgment call by the writers, and negates all previous episodes with the cool Dad being imagined in Dexter's mind giving Dexter his advice. Sad way to end perhaps one of the best series ever.

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Still "Very Good"......not Great., 15 July 2013

My first disappointment and bewilderment, was the new arrangement of the theme song played during the opening credits. What possessed Sorkin to tweak perfectly good theme music we've all gotten used to and I personally enjoyed, to a an arrangement trying to keep the basic melody, but messed with to the point of almost ruining it.....who knows. It is probably one of the weirdest waste of a series' budget in Network history.

That aside, the show was still as creative as prior episodes, but deciding to use a fictional story to justify the crew being spanked by the network's lawyers, was a slight letdown for me. It really depends on what driving force draws you to watch this show.

My infatuation with the series was the fact that real news stories were used, and the fictional part of the show was the fluff surrounding the character's love lives. In the season opener we are shocked to see "Maggie" (Allison Pill) with a trashed haircut and screaming red hair. The excuse was, that something terrible happened to her on a trip to Africa, and she cut it off and colored it in frustrated depression.

However, the way it plays out on screen, it sounded more like a bad plot excuse for Miss Pill's new haircut she botched in the off season.

Personally, I am tired of "Flashbacks" in movies and TV shows. The way it appears from the 1st episode, the entire new season may be a flashback to justify the first scene in the first episode.......we'll see.

One other negative plot idea in my opinion is that Jim (Senior Producer) is all of a sudden "so in love with Maggie", that he tells his boss "Mac" to either send him out of town on Romney's campaign bus, or fire him. I think that was a dumb plot excuse to have him disappear for two weeks so another Senior Producer that takes his place, could take the blame for whatever they're all being spanked for.

Other than those little tweaks, it's business as usual for the Newsroom Series, that still entertains despite its bewildering aspects.

The Girl (2012) (TV)
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You must be a Fan of Hitchcock or Hedren to enjoy this....., 20 October 2012

I'm glad this story has finally been told and Mr. Hitchcock is exposed for what he truly was......a pathetic, obese, horny man that used his Hollywood Power inappropriately. The stories of his behavior have been rumored and whispered for years; and even in this media on her Bio page, Tippi Hedren does more than just hint at Hitchcock's indiscretions toward her during the filming of The Birds, and Marnie. She was a major consultant on this movie, so I assume that what you see here is pretty close to actual events; if not on the button.

It's very difficult to recommend this movie to others because I tend to think that anyone that isn't a Fan of Hitchcock movies, or Tippi Hedren, or at least The Birds, or her second film with him: Marnie, will fall asleep in the first 15 minutes. However, if you are a fan as I am of Hedren, you will enjoy it very much for the history lesson and pure curiosity. The Director here does a good job getting the viewer to feel the torture Hedren endured working with Hitchcock on these two movies. Also, it's set in the 60s, and those of us that would probably be fans of the films or the people involved, grew up in that era and would enjoy this film even more as a period piece. I would rate it as a 7, but can understand how those unfamiliar or uninterested in the subject matter before hand could rate it much lower. So in summary: Watch it if you are a Fan of Him, The Birds, Marnie, or Hedren......Otherwise avoid it.

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The "Norbert" of Detective Movies, 4 October 2012

It was like a child with no experience except to have perhaps seen the other 999 movies with this exact plot directed this embarrassing deplorable waste of celluloid. To make things even worse, the other 999 were done better.

The Director: TERRIBLE (and should retire from directing immediately). The Script: A JOKE (I've found better scripts in Cracker Jack Boxes). The Editing: Pee Wee Herman could have done a better job. The acting: WAS TWEETED IN by all involved.

I actually shut off the TV 3/4 into this mess cursing at the movie makers. This is the "Norbert" of detective movies. If I had gone to the movies and paid to watch this ..'thing', I would have demanded my money back 1/2 way in to it.


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TV doesn't get better than this..., 9 July 2012

I hope this first installment of Newsroom is just a preview of more to come; and not just one Perfect episode. TV doesn't get better than this. It's paced, intelligent and well acted by all involved; especially Daniels. It deals with the real world in an extremely entertaining fashion; and when it's over , you know you just watched something Great. This show will be the long awaited jump to the A-List for Jeff Daniels. He nails the role of a cantankerous self absorbed complacent Newscaster, not liked by his peers; like he was born to play it. I've always been a fan of Emily Mortimer's, and she is outstanding as usual. The rest of the supporting actors were cast perfectly for their roles, and it all comes together to make a Top Shelf Pilot for this new series.

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