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'Beautiful location' is the best I can say, 7 February 2013

I don't usually write reviews. Felt like I had to for this one (wish I had some warning before watching it). I'll keep it brief.

Characters are bland, they don't learn anything. There's no character arc for any of them. Nothing really happens throughout, their problems never really strike any emotional chord. Many scenes feel like they might go somewhere, but they never do (just like the whole movie). Acting is uneventful, at best. Gabrielle Union is the decent one of the lot. Not a complete waste of time, though, because there's some beautiful scenery in that forest. If you feel that you can watch a movie for that alone, go ahead.

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High profile fluff, 3 July 2008

Hey guys, first time reviewer here. No spoilers, just want to share some thoughts I have after having finished watching this.

This 'Rashômon' style story unfolds during a political summit and we follow it from the different perspectives of the numerous characters it brings together. My feelings for this movie are not that hard to put in words. I found it somewhat entertaining, although bland most of the way through. The cinematography was top notch, as you would expect from a big budget movie; the actors were decent at most; the basic idea of the execution is nice; the pacing is good; but the plot was made too easy to follow and gave you some details on a platter, even though the subtext already hinted in a certain direction. I would not say it's a bad movie, but have a lot of popcorn ready to get over some of the developments.

All in all, Vantage Point is entertaining, if you don't question it very much.

P.S. My rating system:

5 and below - don't waste your time; 6 - the movie can be entertaining; to you, if you like the genre/like the actor/don't expect much of it; 7 - high chances of it being entertaining to the majority of people; 8 - everybody will have a good time watching this; 9 - this movie is nearly flawless and probably among best in genre; 10 - absolute genre-defining masterpiece