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Watched this list on TV (not video or DVD). Most were watched either before school, after school, some were torture because being the only girl I had to watch what my brothers watched.
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Liked show so much bought it on DVD.
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Buy my movies when they are on special, never buy over $30. Spend $2, $8.83, $9, $12.85 as an average guide. Some of these titles were given as presents. Yes most I bought for myself.
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Have just discovered he sold them all to a pawnbroker. Not happy they cost me more than what he got and they were given as presents, some he actually bought himself paying full price like $40+ for the Saw Collection each. I know I'm not replacing any of them with new ones. Sold $1.00 a DVD he got $120 for the lot. Angry doesn't do it justice.
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My Video Tape collection before DVD became more popular.

I started my video collection when my children were small, then when they got older so did our viewing tastes.