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Going Ape! (1981)
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Possibly the best movie ever!, 16 December 2004

It takes a special kind of person to care for three orangutans. When the added bonus is 5 million dollars, what more could you ask? This movie has everything! Action, comedy, romance, and, of course, orangutans.

Tony Danza is his usual self, moderately funny and passable as a leading man, but Danny DeVito as Laszlo steals the show every time he is on camera. The orangutans don't do too bad themselves. And the three bumbling goons - icing on the cake. Many may pass this gem by as stupid, but I feel it acts as a social commentary on man's relationship with beast, and is a true vision of how he treats himself, as orangutans are a very close relative genetically.

Rusty, Poppy, Teeger!! Three names that Hollywood may have forgotten, but the eternal movie gods never will.