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Sahara (2005)
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If you like the books you'll like the movie., 8 April 2005

Well, if you're hankering for an action movie like the first Matrix, Sahara will not be for you. But if you liked the books, Matthew McConaughy does a surprisingly good job.

Dirk Pitt is slicker than James Bond, always has the witty comebacks, and always, always, always survives death to win the girl. He's too good to be true. The movie certainly tries to keep it a fun, quick ride as long as you suspend your disbelief before the previews are over.A lot of audience laughter was over the amusing MacGyver style antics - which is also a Cussler trademark.

Excellent popcorn movie. But don't expect to be wowed or amazed. Standard action fare with a couple of truly funny moments.

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Wesley Snipes can stand alone, 15 December 2004

The main problem with Blade:Trinity is that the director - for some odd reason - forgot that Wesley Snipes can hold his own. He was the reason people went and saw the first two movies. As Blade, he is the king of badass cool. Trinity was disappointing because they siphoned all of his humor off onto Hannibal, and he lost a lot of battle scenes to Abby. This was unnecessary. I didn't go to watch either of those actors try desperately. I went to watch Wesley Snipes as Blade. And then, casting decisions? Who chose Parker Posey to play a vamp? Who did her hair? What insanity was going on on the set? And why, why, why, why didn't Paul Levanesque take his shirt off? Come on. Waste of money, and that from a Blade sci-fi fan.