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Nostalgia and modernity all-together. Powerful., 22 July 2013

There's a certain fragrance of change and singularity in this piece, that not only looks for the nostalgia of past times, but also tries to implement a vivid and modern style in its aesthetic effort and symbolism.

The poetry emerges in the long sequence-plans, in the editing's softness, in the conversations and dialogs, and the actor's expressions. But it's a kind of cinema that we learn to love as time passes by. Its effects are not immediate, its impact is not immediate. The appreciation comes later.

What we can say is that Davies has conceived an intimate work, a powerful romantic drama. To be seen and seen again.


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When "Die Hard" meets North Koreans, 18 July 2013

Even if the idea of taking the White House by storm is the most remote, unthinkable and impossible plan to make, the movie's pace is so quick that we end up swallowing the theory and forget the reality, deluded by explosions, gunshots, fights, blood, deaths and tons of expensive military vocabulary that tries to give that sense of credibility to the movie.

Antoine Fuqua's new piece of work is, however, more of the same of what we have seen before, only being audacious at suggesting a North Korean terrorist attack to the United States' political heart.

And along comes Gerard Butler, the iron Scottish playing the typical "one man army" role that wipes out an entire paratrooper battalion in a matter of seconds. It's almost as if we are witnessing a game of "Call of Duty" set in Washington, in legendary difficulty.

Resuming, "Olympus Has Fallen" is an impish action movie, that doesn't ask for permission to ignite the screen with a nearly apocalyptic Washington, D.C landscape. This cheesy but, nonetheless, watchable film, is what happens when you cross "Die Hard" with a North Korean invasion.


Tabu (2012/I)
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A dream-like, poetic and triumphant "chef d'oeuvre"., 22 January 2013

Young Portuguese director Miguel Gomes plunges us into two narratives that are nothing less than pure poetry.

The screenplay and refined narration, the delicate but still frenetic soundtrack that dances through Joana Sá's piano keyboards, the contrasting photography (not new, not old), as well as the roaming melancholy of Lisbon and Africa's landscapes, drive us to a distant, dream-like, almost abstracted dimension.

"Tabu" is truly a cinematic synesthesia, an artistic portrait that, inexplicably, grabs its viewers from the first minute. A genuine pearl that will endure in our thoughts for quite some time. A triumph.


Looper (2012)
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Rian Johnson's storytelling abilities proceed. A strong and refreshing sci-fi thriller., 9 November 2012

One of those examples of how the choice of a specific director is essential for a screenplay's success. Truth is, if "Looper" had gone to someone else's hands, it could have probably lost itself in the dust of the genre's usual clichés.

In a time where Christopher Nolan's "Inception" still slams its weight, Rian Johnson delivers us an alternative story, refreshing from what has been done lately. It's not just about the meticulous plot where all the pieces seem to fit almost naturally, it's the easiness of how it flows to the screen, in a way that immediately introduces the viewer into the movie's rhythm. Even if it's a piece of sci-fi action, Johnson prefers to focus himself on the storytelling instead of blasting around with visual effects. This is really clear in its style, specially in "Brick", his modern homage to the "cinéma noir", and where he collects all the points - that's why the film shines more than recent others.

Other good aspects: the beautiful photography and the numerous "slow-motion" plans, always without forcing too much. Joseph Gordon-Levitt show us once again why he is one of the most interesting actors around, as he can, quite so hauntingly, appropriate Bruce Willis' way of acting and put it into his own performance, in order to enhance the two of them's similarity.

Strange mixing between Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" and Steven Spielberg's "Minority Report". Possibly a subtle "clin d'oeil" to these masters in a delicious sci-fi essay - 8/10.

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A gripping, tense and devastating action thriller., 19 September 2012

It starts slowly, tensely, in a way to let the viewer digest the conclusion of a dark, cruel thematic: an organized battlefield between teenagers, in which only one survives.

Close to "Battle Royale", Gary Ross chooses to focus on a specific character: Katniss. This conveys a more humane approach than the cult Japanese flick. However, even if not abundantly graphic, violence reigns. Much is due to the beautiful photographic work, the consistency of the young actors and Ross' detailed directing; a true orchestration of action, drama and tension - the support to this movies' dynamic.

Here we have a thought on how natural violence lives with us everyday and the way we accept it, almost indifferently. As well as we accept it naturally while watching this film - 7/10.

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An epic conclusion to one of the most sensational trilogies in years., 3 August 2012

Christopher Nolan had the difficult task to overcome himself after 2008's unforgettable "The Dark Knight". And truth is that he doesn't let anyone down by delivering a final chapter, I dare saying, at the level of it's predecessor.

Set in a tense and anarchic landscape, Gotham City is the stage to a mesmerizing visual showdown, beautifully orchestrated by Hans Zimmer's accurate soundtrack. The plot itself unveils slowly but also precisely leaving no loose ends and where all the pieces keep fitting themselves like in a perfect puzzle.

Concerning the villain for this ultimate Batman disclosure, expectations where high due to Heat Ledger's mythic performance in the previous film. However, Tom Hardy's impersonation is a success, not superior to Ledger but equally special. The British actor is able to embody in perfection the character of a brutal and revolutionary Bane, with a way of expressing himself both scary and addictive, leaving the viewer long for his presence on screen. As for the rest of the luxurious cast, they deliver performances that underline a more human side that the English director has achieved to input throughout the series.

"The Dark Knight Rises" is a masterpiece that confirms the versatility of someone like Christopher Nolan, without a doubt, the most competent, talented and unquestionably remarkable filmmaker of our times. And it is time to give him credit for that.

JCVD (2008)
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Jean-Claude Van Damme Reborn, 21 May 2012

I was kind of curious on seeing this movie, after reading about it. I thought it would be something different from the 'kick-ass-pointless-action' stereotypes performed by former Karate champion Jean-Claude Van Damme - and it really up-leveled my expectations.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is the main star in this film, delivering the best performance in his 'average' career. He does a very comfortable role, filled with some touching dramatic moments that stunningly convince the spectator. The monologue scene for example, not only reveals his skills as an actor as well as some dark details of what seems to be his personal life.

Mabrouk El-Mechri handles us a confident direction and writing, specially focusing on a personal side instead of JCVD as an actor, as well as approaching his charisma in Belgium.

This is Van Damme emotionally naked, reborn and suiting in a very powerful role. I just hope we have the chance of seeing more from him in this shape...

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Moral death and resurrection., 10 March 2012

After the successful "Quantum of Solace", a disrupt of the 007 concept, with a more believable James Bond, Marc Foster returns to explore the humanitarian side of life, previously done in movies such as "Finding Neverland" or even "The Kite Runner", with this tale about moral death and moral resurrection.

Gerard Butler delivers quite possibly, the performance of his career as the unstoppably ferocious but still human, reborn and tender Sam Childers.

The directing is confident, addicting, violent, realistic and hauntingly shocking. It somewhat reminds us, even with less action, Edward Zwick's vertiginous "Blood Diamond".

The outcome is a compelling life lesson, incredibly warm, touching, ending in a way that suggests something uncompleted: Sam Childer's accomplishments are a beginning of change. There's still a lot of work to do, certainly. However, there's room for hope.

Submarine (2010)
Originally refreshing and thought-provoking ''coming of age'' dramatic comedy,, 22 October 2011

This was a truly interesting British surprise and one of the most original and refreshing thought-provoking movies made on the ''coming of age'' subject.

With large indie touches and a comical-dramatic charge, accompanied by a dazzling photography and a delicious soundtrack, the result is an alternative piece of cinema that explores the teenage era, leaded by a hauntingly mature Craig Roberts.

It is like if we are attending a mixture between Wes Anderson's style and ''500 Days of Summer'' but in a juvenile context... and it works brilliantly. Kudos!

Delicious, memorable and entertaining., 20 September 2011

This is one of those many gems that you can find in the classic cinema and one of the great pearls that musical seventh art has to offer.

Despite of obeying the genre's traditional conventions, it doesn't forbid itself of criticizing the universe behind the movie-making business and specially, Hollywood. As so, we are then introduced in a sort of ''metafilm'', a film inside a film.

The leading trio are a standing artistic supremacy and delivers us a simply magical show, served by a soundtrack.

These simple and entertaining elements are enough to make this an unique and memorable piece of work.

All hail king Kelly!

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