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A list of movies from all kind of genres that I've seen and like or dislike (!) for different reasons. This was started back on June 11th in 2011, with adding one new film every day (as a post on facebook). At the end of March 2016 I stopped posting on a daily basis, but will continue the list from time to time.
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The British Hammer Film Studios, mostly known for Gothic Horror Flicks, made a lot of interesting films from the 50s to the 70s.

I nailed it down (for personal reasons) to 91 films.
Included are all the Gothic/Horror Films, Sci-Fi, Adventure/Fantasy and some others.

I left out nearly all the Comedy and War Movies.
Also not included are the Film Noir pieces from the 30s and 40s and some Thrillers.

Alle of these movies have been released on DVD
over the past 17+ years.
(mostly USA, UK, Germany and Australia,
Japan, Netherlands and so on).
Some of these DVDs are really hard to get now
(Out of print).

37 of the 91 movies have been released
on Blu-Ray so far (33 in HD).
(see list for details)

A complete list of all Hammer Films:

Last Update: April 24th 2016
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Mostly known as the "little sister" of Hammer Films,
Amicus Productions produced some interesting pictures in the 60s and 70s.

I nailed it down (for personal reasons) to 26 films.

24 of the 25 Films have been released on DVD
(USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Italy and so on)

The 1 movies not released is:
What became of Jack and Jill (1972)

12 titles are already available on Blu-Ray
(plus one announced, see List for Details)

You can find a full list of Amicus Titles here:

Last Update: April 24th 2016

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Last Tigon Productions, the third British Studio besides Hammer and Amicus produced some interesting genre films from the late 60s to the 70s.

I nailed it down (for personal resons) to 17 Films.

All 17 films have been released on DVD
(USA, UK, Germany, Australia and so on)

11 movies so far on Blu-Ray
(1 announced, see list for details)

Full List of films by Tigon

Last Update: April 24th 2016

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- a total of 32 Edgar Wallace Movies have been produced between 1959 and 1972 by Rialto Films
- the Movies #29, #31 and #32 were Co-Productions with an Italian Company (there are different german & international Cuts)
- all 32 Movies were released in 8 DVD Box Sets by Universum Film (UFA) in Germany (mostly also as individual Discs available) in chronological order by years
- for the german DVD Releases the best possible Version is presented
- for other Edgar Wallace Movies by CCC-Films, Artur Brauner, others and the Bryan Edgar Wallace check out my other lists
a list of 26 titles
#1 to #23 are the so-called official Bond Movies by EON Productions (1962 to 2012)
#24 is the "TV-Movie" from the 50s
#25 is the Comedy Spoof by MGM from the 60s
#26 is the unofficially In-Parts Remake of "Thunderball"