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this movie was very funny
27 December 2010
i believe every movie deserves credit for trying. even though it didn't seem to be like the perfect movie in the entire world but however the production team and the director did what they could to make this movie work out. they got the cast from the originals back and almost everything. although it was a different director but i still give him credit for the work he put in for this movie and i give the credit to the rest of the team and the stars. it was very enjoyable. so thats why i give it a 10/10 because they tried everything to make the movie work. if they were to make another sequel my advice to them is to stick with whoever directs the original as the director instead of changing directors during sequels.
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the idea of the sequel was reasonable
19 August 2008
although i know everyone doesn't agree with why they are making sequels. but for this movie this was a reasonable answer and i supported this reason. The reason that they made this movie is because warner brothers needed to let people know about what was happening with that whale in person. Because he was going through a tough time and he was in poor health at that aquarium that he was at. and they needed the money to transfer him to oregon so he can improve his health a lot better and be trained to go to the wild. not that i blame them but the wild was not such a good place for him. even though keiko's family was there it was still not a good place for him to be do to the drama most of the orca's were experiencing. the only thing i didn't get is why didn't the free willy foundation sell keiko to anyone that can afford to take care of him in person. someone who will have a tank all prepared for keiko (a huge tank) and be there to take care of him in person, like make sure he's OK and all and to give him his treatments when needed. that would have been better instead of donating money to get some kind of kit. But anyhow the movie itself I have to give it a rating 10 out of 10 after all this movie had a wonderful story and a wonderful point.
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Sleepwalking (2008)
i loved this film very much
19 August 2008
i was very very satisfied with the way this movie turned out. it had more then i expected of this. although it would have been nice if the character that Dennis hopper played was not abusive. and if the character was also close to the son and daughter and grandchild together. if the grandfather would change and act like a real parent should then nick stahl's character wouldn't have to be so upset in the first place and that AnnaSophia robb's character wouldn't have gotten hurt. but i'll set that aside because thats not important. although abusive is a serious crime but thats not the focus to this movie. the thing here is that what everyone should look for in a movie that how hard these actors and actresses try and how they accomplished to be in this movie and thats what will make movies really good. you focus on how hard these movie makers and actors and actresses try together thats when you'll notice they made a good movie. this movie i give it an automatic A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ For excellent work and excellent performance and everything. I am very inspired by annasophia robb's career. What she is doing for these films is very important to Hollywood. and so are the rest of the actors. and the directors. Good job to all of them.
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Ice Princess (2005)
great movie but as a coach they needed someone like gordon bombay
16 September 2006
i really thought this movie was excellent. well performed. michelle did the greatest job ever to play the part as the skater in this movie. the only thing i really wished is that they added a part like a character like gordon bombay (which really they should have added) to coach her in the ice skating thing instead of kim cattrall's character (no offense kim you did great) i just thought maybe as gordon bombay as the assistant coach for her that would have been excellent too. plus then at least she would have a coach that knew what he or she was doing. and gordon happens to have experience with coaching kids not on just hockey but also how to skate. but over all i gave this movie 10/10. possibly an a+++++++++++++
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One of the greatest movies ever made
25 May 2006
This to me was one of the greatest movies ever made. I thought the director, the producers, and the creators of this movie did such a great job making this movie, the robots looked so real. especially andrew. The stuff in that movie I got really interested in because I'm a television major and i'm taking courses that are based on what they used to make this film and thanks to that it's actually getting me upto the point of graduating sometime soon. even though i know i started college 6 years ago but when i started watching it i started to get the feel for the movie and thats how i was able to pass computer art 2d and the rest of my TV classes then. but now since it's been years since i've seen it i haven't passed much of anything but now come to think of it i'll go back to watching it again. and for any of u guys that are TV majors and are about to take science or new developments or anything that is based on robotics or any kind of science work like they used for this movie i'd recommend first to check with your advisors to see if this movie will help u guys with your assignments for classes and if so go either rent this movie or better yet because u'll need it for the rest your entire college learning, buy the movie. it's worth watching. i have to give an award to chris columbus for making this movie and thanks to him and robin williams this has been helping me pass classes and now i'm at the greatest danger of graduating the community college.
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