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Bear Cub (2004)
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A Breathe of Fresh Air, 21 June 2005

It is good to see a movie neither 'demonize' nor 'victimize' gay people. This is an extraordinary movie about everyday relationships of ordinary person , some of whom happen to be bears.

The characters in this film are flawed one way or another. But that's part of the charm: they all have their own problems like everyone else of us have and they are dealing with these problems like we all have to. Unlike many 'gay-themed' movies which focused on 'shock value', this movie is free from bitter or self-pity. It goes back to the basic friendship and family connection which is so brilliantly portrayed.

I adore the bubbly attitude the movie holds. When bad things happened,drugs, jail, disease, people in this movie just deal with the bad fortune the simplest way. no mess, no fuss.

It's clean and shinny , it's a breathe of fresh air from Europe.

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I want my 2 hours back!!!, 10 June 2005

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I feel cheated after spending 2 hours in the theater watching this movie. I blame the writer. The plots are cliché and the lines are naive and empty. My 6th grade cousin can come up with better lines.

And there are so many places throughout the movie that just don't make any sense.For example, when the priest and nuns insist to stay the LT let them. While the LT was asked to make a choice between letting the hot doctor stay and defying the order, he risked everything to make sure the doc. on board. Any explanations for the different treatment? The only one I can think of is that the doctor's hot.

I don't care for any of the characters. The movie presents the team as either killing machine or morally self-righteous hypocrites. The only line I appreciate from the Navy Seals was one sane person told LT something like : why don't we just drug the doc and get her on the chopper. That was the only decent idea in the whole movie, which would spare my misery of enduring the rest of the movie.

The message sent from the movie was there's nothing the actors and directors can do to rescue a film if the script really sucks! my condolence, Willis

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excellent work!, 25 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Clint sure knew how to hit the audience unguarded.When I was watching the movie I was expecting an encouraging girl-dream-come-true story. But the ending was so astonishing and hurting.

The movie is great, Clint, Hilary and Morgan gave their top performance in that film while never overacted. The cast was simple and tense kinda helped the audience to focus on the main emotional interactions among the leads.

And Freeman's voice was graceful.

The story was conventional topics on boxing.But that was exactly what's so marvelous about this movie. They made a cliché into a touching masterpiece.There's a long time since a well-made movie came along.

There's one regret though. I think the mother's behavior was exaggerated a little bit and appeared unconvincing. The cold-hearted thing in the hospital was just too much for a mother...just a thought

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fair performance, terrible acting, 22 January 2005

I don't know much about Bollywood movies, but the acting is quite horrible to say the least. More than once, I felt so embarrassed for their rigid faces and awkward reactions. There is no chemistry whatsoever among the cast.

The dancing and singing thing is exotic and quite a fresh air. I like the four sisters' nightgown party when they sang 'no wife no life'.

Despite the enjoyable musical performance,the plot is disappointingly loose and much a stereotype. Maybe the actor Martin is kinda eye candy. The main cast is no where near plausible, especially the lead actress. Please some one help her understand it takes a little more than singing and dancing to be a decent actor.

If you are into noisy TV-dinner entertainment, you might actually enjoy your time watching this movie. But if you are expecting anything more than that, you might felt ripped-off as I did when you finish the film