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Louie (2010– )
Wow. This is probably THE worst show I've ever seen in my entire life!
13 April 2012
But its soo bad its good! There isn't a single episode that doesn't give me chills, make me sick to my stomach, unbearably uncomfortable, or hate myself for continuing watching this show. Its so wrong, yet so real, yet so surreal it feels fake. His acting is so bad that it feels totally unscripted and genuine..(and he actually says in many episodes and stand-up that he hates acting and actors bc its so fake). EVery episode leaves me saying WUT The FUQ did I just watch??!? And if that isn't good television America, I don't know what is..

Ps I watch Always Sunny, Curb, Increasing bad decisions of Todd Margret, Arrested Development, and other dark comedies. Its probably my favorite genre. This is on a whole different plane of wrong.

Mainly because it feels so real..yet
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