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Horrible + Amusing = Horribly Amusing? Not Quite..., 12 December 2008

For a lot of folks, this may be the worst movie they will ever watch. I envy those people. While it looks and sounds like every bit of it's (probably) $25 budget, it does have a zany humour and variety that almost lifts it up to a Grade C movie. Almost. Maybe because it's an anthology and I have lower standards for 30 minute shorts than a normal feature length movie, perhaps because it's 3am, or maybe because I just watched Fungicide...*shudder*.. but this movie almost pulls off being entertainment. It's not great. It's not even good. But as far as "almost home movie" bad movies go, it's not the worst you could do. The insane landscaping tool battle alone is almost worth popping it in, as long as you have something else to do to keep you occupied... I give it a 4/10 because of what it achieves despite budgetary/technical constraints.