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Super awful
30 May 2005
This movie is so boring, I fall asleep while watching it. I can't stand those Kids talking back and acting like a big mama, oh common guys do you want your kids talking like that to you and other older people without any respecting? well I think you guy should pick another movie better for your kids to learn but not this one I'm be honest I read someone said this movie is funny for kids? well I think he should check with his problem, no wonder nowadays kids learn things so quick and bad especially talking back and being rude to others, why they become like that parents? because what they watch and what they learn, they learn quickly and please don't give me wrong that it is not smart. Somebody thinks the way they talk like that it means they are smart but it is not. Well you should not waste your time and money on this movie, boring and rude kids
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Awful - Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen
30 January 2005
This movie is very good for one reason only --- Putting Me To Sleep! I can not believe that this movie is rated 7 out of 10. Who is rating this movie? I watched about 30 minutes of it then fast forwarded through the rest. Even then it was boring. This movie had no plot that I could find. It had no action (unless you count his dance as action) and it was not funny at all. The characters was dull and sloth-like. Everything about this movie was slow and mind numbing. I cannot believe they wasted the film to create it. Did I mention yet how much I hated this movie?? I know many people have different opinions about this film so to compare noted I did like Cellular, Colatteral, Coronado and Dodgeball. I did not like the Grudge or Cookout. Of all the movies I have seen Napoleon Dynamite has to be The Worst Movie I have ever seen!
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