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Cats & Dogs (2001)
an enjoyable comedic adventure
16 September 2006
Without a doubt, 2001 was a year filled with rising stars, surprise box office hits, good movies and trends, which go against the norm. "Cats & Dogs" is the latest to join an elite list including "Atlantis: The Lost Empire," "Dr. Dolittle 2," "Spy Kids," "See Spot Run" and "Shrek;" proves family oriented films will entertain all ages.

"Cats & Dogs" is one of the most unique adventure films I have seen because it combines humor, intelligence and the technical savvy to call itself a box-office hit. Additionally, the special effects are truly spectacular to watch and will leave everyone smiling in amazement asking the question; how did they do that? The combination of live actors with voices of actors with incredible special effects immediately elevated "Cats & Dogs" to a new level of greatness. The movie takes an incredible look inside a top-secret, high-tech espionage war between cats and dogs, which their owners are completely unaware. Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Perkins, Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Michael Clarke Duncan and Sean Hayes combine their talents and voices to create an enjoyable atmosphere.

It is Mr. Tinkles and friends against Lou and friends in an ultimate battle for world domination. Mr. Tinkles is the leader of the cats as he tries to invade the Brody household to steal research for a formula that would make human allergies to dogs extinct. Lou is sent in after the Brody's dog is lost to protect the family and formula.

Five minutes was all it took to give "Cats & Dogs" my approval because it contains so many impressive moments. Movie patrons will be glad to learn that it took me more than two hands to count the number of reasons to watch "Cats & Dogs." From the special effects to the unique concept, "Cats & Dogs" is going to please movie patrons across the United States. For example, the unprecedented battle scenes between the cats and dogs were creative and the humor, which came from the two species, left me laughing out loud. I knew "Cats & Dogs" was going to be a smash hit; however, I didn't realize how much fun I could have watching the movie.

The combination of live actors with voice over actors made "Cats & Dogs" more interesting because it was an element that makes the film more unique. For example, other films like "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" and "See Spot Run" are great in their own special way; however, when you add this added element, movie patrons are guaranteed to be entertained because of the unique and rarity of the occurrences.

Instant credibility came to the movie the moment I heard the voices of Baldwin and Heston because these are among the best actors in Hollywood; however, everyone involved with this movie made it a success. I hope everyone enjoys this film as much as I did because it truly is an amazing film. "Cats & Dogs" has my vote for the movie that will make people have the most fun. Congratulations to Goldblum and Perkins for turning in performances that made "Cats & Dogs" a bigger success.

Aside from the special effects, the highlight of "Cats & Dogs" is the performances by the live actors. For example, Goldblum is the only actor in Hollywood I could think of to play the role of the scientist because th role of the scientist brought him fame in "The Fly" series and again in the "Jurassic Park" series. Elizabeth Perkins seems to be tailor made for her role as mother; furthermore, she is extremely talented, I can't wait to see her next film.

In a summer that has contained animated and live action inventive family films, 2001 has added another with "Cats & Dogs." There is one piece of advice I must give to everyone, which is to watch everyone of the family films and share in the enjoyment.
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An unexpected outstanding film
11 September 2006
Sunshine filled the room and smiles lit up my face as I was part of the most enjoyable and refreshing films of year. "Legally Blonde" is a textbook definition of how true comedies should be made. With a combination of comedy, smart writing and great comedic performances, "Legally Blonde" is a surprise hit everyone will enjoy.

2001 has been the year of incredible films, breakthrough performances and great writing and this streak didn't end with "Legally Blonde," there was no doubt that I would be entertained. It is an honor to watch a film like "Legally Blonde" that contains intelligent writing, great performances and unique concepts because the audience will always be guaranteed a great film when these elements are in order.

Reese Witherspoon has always been one of the brightest and talented actresses in Hollywood, so it came as no surprise when she turned in a performance worthy of Oscar consideration in the best comedic performance category. Previous performances in "Pleasantville" and "Cruel Intentions," gave me proof that Witherspoon was the only actress capable of pulling off this role.

With her role in "Legally Blonde," Witherspoon brought her toolbox of talents filled with charm, beauty, enthusiasm and sense of humor to create an exciting and fun atmosphere for audiences to enjoy the movie. Furthermore, she made it possible for everyone to sit back and relax using facial muscles to smile and laugh. Witherspoon has come a long way since "The Man in The Moon" and will continue to give incredible performances in the years to come and take home awards along the way.

This film highlights outstanding supporting comedic performances from Matthew Davis, Selma Blair, Ali Larter, Holland Taylor, Victor Garber, Jennifer Coolidge and Luke Wilson who combine to complete one of the best ensemble casts of 2001.

Each member of the supporting cast brought their own special and unique style of charm to each role they played; furthermore, there was nobody else I could think of to portray the characters in the film than these seven actors because the roles seemed tailor made for each of them.

Writing is an essential key for the success of every film because it is the foundation for which a movie is made. The writers came up with one of the finest scripts of the year using unique concepts and great comedic writing to entertain audiences.

"Legally Blonde" is loaded with refreshing scenes that will leave the best Hollywood screenwriters scratching their heads asking themselves, How were these writers able to make this script funny and successful at the same time? Aside from refreshing scenes, great character development and imaginative script concepts; this film boasts a cheerful underlying message, which is dreams come true when people put their minds to something. This touch was appreciated because it adds a dimension, which is lacking from films such as "Legally Blonde." Though each scene in the film was great, there were two that stood out in my mind above the rest as evidence of some of the best writing in recent films. The first scene involves a health spa being described as Elle's mother ship and a murder trial, which was decided through hair care products.

The cast is to be commended for turning in incredible performances, writers applauded for laying the foundation for a film that has the courage to be called a dumb blonde comedy and have legions of fans enjoy the film at the same time and the director deserves a standing ovation for directing a refreshing comedy as well as giving the audience something new and creative to watch.

"Legally Blonde" is a light-hearted and charming film that should be seen with a smile. Audiences are guaranteed to be entertained with fun surprises and great comedy.
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Go see this wonderful film
11 September 2006
It is not that a movie such as "Where The Heart Is" comes along and makes an impression so huge that you don't want to see it end. This is exactly what happened to me when I sat down to watch "Where The Heart Is." Within the first few moments of the film, I knew it would be special; this reason is Natalie Portman. Portman has a unique look of innocence that cannot be pulled off by many actresses as she does with her character, Novalee Nation. I couldn't wait for the next scene she would be in because of the physical beauty she possesses and the beauty in the performance she gives.

Complimenting the performance of Portman is that of Ashley Judd. As I was watching Judd and Portman, I could tell that these are two actresses who knew exactly what the other would say and do the moment before it was actually done. Ashley Judd lights up the screen every SINGLE time she arrives in a scene. It is a no wonder she is the best at what she does.

Another reason I liked "Where The Heart Is" relates to the double story lines of Portman's character determined to raise her daughter by herself while trying to make a career in photography. The other storyline revolved around the ex-boyfriend trying to make a name for himself in country music.

The story is one that will take you on a journey through the depths of your heart, soul, and end up in your head relaying the message that "Where The Heart Is" is a phenomenal movie.

"Where The Heart Is" is not only my favorite film but the best film of 2000.
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great film
11 September 2006
After watching such films as "Saving Private Ryan" and "Patton;" I have come to appreciate war films. For this reason, I decided to see the latest war film, "Enemy At The Gates." "Enemy At The Gates" may be one of the best war films I have seen since "Saving Private Ryan" because it is executed perfectly. With incredible performances, script and the impact I felt; "Enemy At The Gates" sets the tone as the first great war film of the 22nd century. This film can be served as the appetizer to the main course coming out soon, "Pearl Harbor." Jude Law, Joseph Feinnes, Rachel Weisz, Ed Harris and Bob Hoskins come together to re-visit the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942. The best thing about seeing each one of the actors perform was they all gave 100 percent effort to make the film as real as possible; they did an excellent job. Fiennes, Weisz and Hoskins were the icing to a cake that was delicious from the start.

The highlights of "Enemy At The Gates" always came when Law and Harris were on screen because they played excellent psychological mind games with one another to win; furthermore, it was like watching master chess players playing for the grand prize. It was also enjoyable to see the strategies and tactics each would use to out-maneuver the other.

"Enemy At The Gates" drew me with its many action sequences similar to those in "Saving Priate Ryan." Also, the love triangle between the three main leads was interesting to watch and see how it would unfold. I felt like I was in the movie because the writer did an excellent job at making me feel exactly what they felt and experience what they were going through.

There is no rule that states dialogue is needed for a successful film. While "Enemy At The Gates" has dialogue, the scenes that have none stand out in my mind the most because we see close-ups of both snipers and the expressions on their faces. This is incredible to me because the intensity shown on their faces speaks volumes about what the movie is really about.

This may not be the best war film ever made but with two of the brightest young stars on the rise, a very talented actress and a veteran that continues to turn in knock-out performances, "Enemy At The Gates" will be remembered for a long time.
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Avoid these dungeons
11 September 2006
"Dungeons & Dragons" is so terrible, I can't help myself from laughing at people who say they liked this film.

This is one of the worst mistakes ever made in Hollywood. I had an inkling of what the end result of this film would be; however, I wanted to give it a chance.

The first problem is the lack of plot to accompany the numerous action sequences. It seems to me that the action was supposed to be the main draw. I can only assume the writer forgot that there are people who actually like to see a film with BOTH action and story when they see a film. In addition, the cause of fighting the villain is so stupid; who cares.

The second problem I see was the casting of all the main players in this film. Combine an unestablished actor with little film experience and zero talent with a very talented veteran such as Jeremy Irons and you have a disastrous film called "Dungeons & Dragons."

"Dungeons & Dragons" should have stayed locked in a dungeon in a far off place so nobody has to go the suffering I did when I saw this film. Avoid these dungeons at all costs, but should you not heed my warning I feel sorry for you.
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excellent film with heart
11 September 2006
Mel is back and better than ever in "The Man Without A Face." This is one of Mel's finest films as an actor and director. Not only is it touching and heartwarming but it showcases one of the best actor turned directors in Mel Gibson. "The Man Without A Face" would be my choice for one of the most touching films I've ever seen.

Gibson certainly knew what he was doing as performed along side a newcomer named Nick Stahl. Stahl was an outstanding choice to play opposite Gibson because he brought natural talent to his role.

Gibson's portrayal of Justin McCleod should be a guideline of how other actors should portray their characters.......with heart. I can't think of a film that portrayed a character that showed the reality that face those in Justin McCleod's situation. Gibson crafted the story very carefully and with great sensitivity. Gibson.

Mel Gibson is an actor with heart and has brought it to big screen as McCleod. I would venture to guess that this role is not that far off than his real-life role as husband and father.

When I saw this film, I didn't have to do much but sit back, eat popcorn and drink my soft drink. I knew it was going to be a moving, touching and heartfelt film.

However, it turned out to be much more. I was pleasantly surprised how Gibson crafted this film into a work of art by using his knowledge of working in front of the camera.

I knew by the end of this film everyone involved with this awesome film from the talented director/actor to the up and coming star along with the viewing audience had fun making and watching "The Man Without A Face." I recommend "The Man Without A Face" to anyone and everyone young and old who loves to watch movies.
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awesome film
11 September 2006
Strong performances from Alec Baldwin, James Woods, Whoopi Goldberg, Craig T. Nelson, Bill Smitrovich and William H. Macy makes "Ghosts Of Mississippi" one of the best movies I have seen. "Ghosts Of Mississippi" deserved an Oscar in every single category that one can be given in because it was that good.

I never knew the story of Medgar Evers before I saw this film; but, I learned a lot through watching the film. I hope everyone has the same experience and opportunity I had when I saw this movie because it is one history lesson that should be seen rather than read in history books or newspaper archives. I was truly honored to watch this film.

There are several reasons this film is a success; one of them are the performances. "Ghosts Of Mississippi" is each actors best film of their career bar none. Alec Baldwin brings intensity, aggressiveness and never say die attitude to his role as Bobby DeLaughter.

Whoopi Goldberg stars as Myrlie Evers, widow of Medgar Evers, who with relentless pursuit of justice re-opens this murder case. Finally, James Woods stars as Byron De La Beckwith, the defendant, who with great conviction and sincerity brings the essence of the real person to the surface.

As great as Baldwin and Woods are in this they do not hold a candle to Goldberg who gives not only the best performance in the film, year but I dare say the best performance of the decade of the 90's. Known for her comedic roles in the "Sister Act" series, Goldberg turns dramatic for "Ghosts Of Mississippi." This is a very impressive turn and most likely her best dramatic role since "The Color Purple." The intense and aggressive style Golberg brought to her role as the widowed Mrs. Evers was beautiful to watch.

The second reason why this film remains on my short list of best films are the messages that brought up. For example, equality for all and the fact that any discrimination will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Another message I got from this film was under no circumstances should anybody underestimate the power of tenacity because it will make dreams come true every time.

This film was thought-provoking, brilliant, inspiring and compelling. In addition, "Ghosts Of Mississippi" will move you to tears, put a smile on your face and anger you because these are the emotions I felt watching this movie.

Combined with the excellent ensemble performances, brilliant script and messages this film had "Ghosts Of Mississippi" is one film you can't miss. There will most certainly be other inspirational films that come along, but "Ghosts Of The Mississippi" still remains at the top of my list as one of the most inspiring films I've seen. Two thumbs way up.
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Mr. Deeds (2002)
Treat yourself to an enjoyable Adam Sandler film
11 September 2006
Surprise was the first reaction I had following one of the funniest films of 2002. Surprise was followed by joy as I learned that the 2002 version of "Mr. Deeds" contained an outstanding performance from an actor known only for his comedy, a story that has as much heart as jokes and a cast that works so well together it was difficult to tell where real life ended and the acting began.

Comedy is the main course and romance was served as dessert on a menu that allowed the audience to take two hours and enjoy the feast provided by Adam Sandler, Winona Ryder, Peter Gallagher, Allen Covert, Steve Buscemi and John Turturro as they delivered non-stop comedy.

With every great comedy there is a comedian who reigns victorious as he leads the charge to entertain audiences with comedic wit and charm; "Mr. Deeds" is no exception since Sandler accomplishes this task within the first 10 minutes. With the box-office success Sandler brought to films such as "Big Daddy," "The Waterboy" and "The Wedding Singer," I knew that "Mr. Deeds" would bring greater success. The most impressive aspect of the film was the presence of Sandler as he gave the BEST performance of his career.

Along with his jokes, Sandler brought a surprise; versatility. Known exclusively for his comedic talents, Sandler brought much more including the ability to become a romantic lead and perform the role with conviction. Furthermore, Sandler was able to portray a character that everyone can sit back in awe.

Behind every great romantic lead there is an outstanding actress, which makes the romantic aspect of the film, so much better. It was a brilliant move for the casting directors to get Ryder to play opposite Sandler because she is one of the main reasons "Mr. Deeds" works. She has always amazed audiences with her beauty, charm and immense talent, so when I found out she was attached to this film my face lit up because she gives 110 percent effort in each role.

Watching these actors brought a smile to my face because they were well-cast and each brought their brand of humor to the film and played very well off Sandler. With the addition of Buscemi and Covert, "Mr. Deeds" came alive as they come together to create the magic they brought to prior works with Sandler such as "Big Daddy" and "The Wedding Singer. Their familiarity with each other shows as they feed off each other very well.

I will admit that "Mr. Deeds" contains a plot that has become cliché and makes me yearn for better creativity and originality. However, it was put together well and got me interested from the start.

Overall, the script contains a sweet story that will leave everyone smiling and applauding because it does not attempt to do more than make you laugh. "Mr. Deeds" did accomplish this goal and added much more.
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an enjoyable comedy
10 September 2006
If the box office rest of summer ends up as good as this movie was, movie fans will be in for a real treat. Martin Lawrence returns to the big screen with his hilarious brand of humor as he teams with Danny DeVito in "What's The Worst That Can Happen?" "What's The Worst That Can Happen?" revolves around a would-be burglar named Kevin Caffrey, played by Lawrence, is caught in the act by the home owner, billionaire Max Fairbanks, played by DeVito. The tables are turned when Fairbanks steals Caffrey's ring given to him by his girlfriend. The rest of the film circles around getting the ring back. From this moment on, I knew I was going to be watching one funny film.

Joining Lawrence and DeVito is John Leguizamo as Kevin's partner in crime, Burger, Carmen Ejogo as Kevin's girlfriend Amber and Bernie Mac as Kevin's uncle. The addition of these actors is evidence that "What's The Worst That Can Happen?" is a sure hit with all ages.

Lawrence wears two hats in "What's The Worst That Can Happen?" as producer and star and he has success in both capacities. Furthermore, he was a true asset as an actor in "What's The Worst That Can Happen?" because he brought a unique brand of humor.

His style is one to be proud of because he truly makes the comedy enjoyable and the humor so funny you'll be laughing so hard it will hurt. I appreciate his comedic ability and acting talent.

DeVito adds credibility to one truly fun comedy. I couldn't have asked for a better actor to portray Max Fairbanks. There is not a lot to say about DeVito because his lengthy and steady body of work speaks for him. With so many great films under his belt, I knew I was going to be watching a true master at work.

In addition to credibility, DeVito has presence and humor in that made me smile from ear to ear and start to finish. He is solid comedic genius that brings a great amount of comedy and presence that will leave everyone smiling.

Leguizamo has a true niche for comedy as he proves in "What's The Worst That Can Happen?" I wasn't sure how to gage Leguizamo because I have only seen one other film with him, so I was surprised to learn he was one of funniest and talented actors in the movie.

The chemistry between Lawrence and Leguizamo was perfect because they seemed to work so well together. Leguizamo was a great compliment to Lawrence and his brand of humor. I enjoyed every minute they shared the screen because I knew I was going to laugh.

Ejogo was a true pleasure to watch because she brought excitement and charisma to the movie. I relished each scene she was in because I got the opportunity to see a true natural at work. Mac was a true surprise because I didn't expect him to turn in a good performance.

The writing in this movie is excellent as it compliments Lawrence's comedy and DeVito's humor. The games set up by the writers were incredible fun to watch since each scene skillfully crafted.

Also, the audience received a bonus when the writer added action and suspense. Though "What's The Worst That Can Happen?" succeeds mostly with comedy, it also entertains with action and suspense.

I knew with scenes like Kevin's taunts to Max over his cell-phone while he was in a senate sub-committee, "What's The Worst That Can Happen?" will entertain every single person who buys a ticket for this movie. I could not ask for anything more from the writers of "What's The Worst That Could Happen" because watching this story play out is a thing of beauty.

One solid guarantee I can make to potential viewers of this movie: "What's The Worst That Could Happen" will leave you laughing until it hurts. Lawrence and DeVito are a lethal comedic team that fills the screen with laughter, suspense and action. "What's The Worst That Can Happen?" is one of the most entertaining films I've seen.

I hope everyone gets the chance to see how great these two talents come together and create one of the funniest movies this year.
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Swordfish (2001)
Travolta is devilishly good
10 September 2006
Your password has been accepted for entrance to see John Travolta's return to the screen. 2001 seems to be the year of movies with an overwhelming number of successful films; "Swordfish" is no exception to this rule. When you combine one of the most charismatic action superstars with two of fastest rising stars in Hollywood and add high-energy, high-octane, explosive action; the result everyone will receive is a movie that will take you on a thrill ride from start to finish.

"Swordfish" contains many positive moments. Brilliance is the first word that came to mind when I saw Travolta and Berry in their new roles as terrorists, Gabriel Shear and girlfriend Ginger Knowles, because it allowed me to experience variety in their repertoire. Another outstanding highlight in "Swordfish" was the story that kept my interest from start to finish. The writing was loaded with class, intelligence and snappy dialogue. When elements such as these are in place, movies like "Swordfish" will always turn out to be winners.

Rounding out the cast is Hugh Jackman as Stanley Jobson, Don Cheadle as a government agent named Roberts, Vinnie Jones as Shear's henchmen, Sam Shepard as a crooked senator and Shear's employer, Camryn Grimes as Stanley's daughter, Holly.

Travolta gave the audience something to smile about in "Swordfish" as he returned to film in grand style. His role as the brutal terrorist is his best performance since "A Civil Action." Unlike his previous villainous roles "Battlefield Earth," "Face/Off" and "Broken Arrow," Travolta exudes a brutal mean streak that takes no prisoners and makes no room for excuses. One of the most enjoyable parts about this character is everything must be black or white. With each passing moment on screen, I was smiling because Travolta performed his role with a confident, arrogant and calm attitude. Travolta is a joy to watch on screen and I relish the opportunity to see him in another villainous role. I can't wait for his next film to come out because I know it is going to be just as good as "Swordfish." Berry was a perfect selection a great fit in "Swordfish" because she brought life and charm to the film. Berry was one of the pieces to the puzzle, which made "Swordfish" a treat. Berry was so incredible in this film, she seemed natural in the role she played; furthermore, little effort was needed to convince me that Berry was exactly who she said she was in the film. The best thing about Berry in this film was the mystery surrounding her true identity and reason why she was in the situation with Travolta and Jackman. I hope she continues shine with each role she takes in the future.

Jackman continues to soar as an actor with his role as a computer hacker forced to work for a team of terrorists led by Shear to steal billions of dollars from the government for the good of America. Only time eludes prevents Jackman with the coveted prize called Oscar. The evidence for this statement lies with his impressive role in "Swordfish," which showed his maturity from previous roles in "Someone Like You." and "X-Men." With assets such as charm, charisma, character, screen presence and integrity; Jackman provided me with the opportunity to watch a true master in his field of expertise. Jackman has joined a list of actors that include Jim Caviezel and Russell Crowe who have made enormous progress with each role they take. My wish is to see Jackman continuer on the road to super-stardom because he truly deserves every moment of positive press coming his way.

Another outstanding highlight in "Swordfish" was the story because the writers were able to keep my interest from start to finish. Class, intelligence and snappy were the first thoughts that came to mind when describing the writing in "Swordfish." With he dialogue shared between Jackman and Travolta made my day because it is the best exchange I have seen in a long time.

With action sequences frozen in mid-air while cameras pan around, sequences that have a bus levitated during a car chase and incredible explosions; "Swordfish" will knock viewers off their seat. Furthermore, when you add performances from Travolta, Jackman and Berry as well as the incredible story this movie will dominate for a long time.
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X-Men (2000)
Enjoy this movie to your heart's content!
10 September 2006
In a year where action films have become the norm, "X-Men" has taken it a step further the cake as one of the best films of its genre; a movie based upon a television show.

A few things stood out "X-Men," stood out as awesome. The first was the cast. It seemed to me that the actors were chosen well because they were well-suited for each of their respective roles. Patrick Stewart looks the part of Professor X, Hugh Jackman makes me think we have found a second Russell Crowe and Ian McKellan is truly devilish as Magneto.

The second thing were the special effects and the way they lifted the movie from good to extraordinary. The moves pulled off by McKellan, the appearing steps as the villains walk from one side to the other blew me away.The plot is nothing new but the action sequences and special effects are truly two reasons to see "X-Men." I was impressed with Hugh Jackman because he reminds me of another actor who by coincidence looks a lot like Russell Crowe. Jackman has similar qualities as Crowe such as integrity and honesty in his performance.

Jackman showcased to the world the great talent he possesses in his breakthrough role in "X-Men," I must say that he stole the show from his co-stars. Jackman, a relative newcomer to the land of films will become one of the hottest stars in Hollywood real soon. Jackman is a star who has made a spectacular splash in "X-Men" and whose star has not dipped since.
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10 September 2006
Remarkable performances, powerful writing and outstanding action sequences are three reasons to rent "A Knight's Tale." Surrounded by one of the best ensemble casts in 2001; Heath Ledger is joined by Mark Addy, Rufus Sewell, Shannyn Sossamon, Laura Fraser and Paul Bettany. They combine their talents to bring the story of a man who poses as a knight to compete in jousting tournaments. When you add a dose of jealousy, humor and romance "A Knight's Tale" becomes one of most interesting and intriguing films this year.

Following his breakthrough role in "The Patriot," Heath Ledger continued to amaze audiences with his command performance in "A Knight's Tale." Ledger's role in this film deserves to be recognized with an academy award. With less than 10 films on his resume prior to the film; Ledger is a young veteran who combined his charisma, character, intelligence, integrity and intensity to create one of the best atmospheres in "A Knight's Tale." Addy has come a long way since performances in "The Full Mounty," "Jack Frost" and most recently "Down To Earth." These films all have one thing in common: Addy's tremendous talent. Addy has brought credibility to each role he has played; however, with "A Knight's Tale" has been his best performance to date. Addy's breakout role may have been in "The Full Mounty" but it is with "A Knight's Tale" he has arisen as a true star.

Sewell's performance as the villainous Count Adhemar made me sit up and take notice of the actor because he played the role to perfection. Sewell's villainous role is the best since Will Patton's performance as Gen. Bethlehem in "The Postman." Unfortunately, this is the only Rufus Sewell film I've seen but now I have reason to rent his movies.

"A Knight's Tale" contains excellent support from Sossamon, Fraser, Bettany and Purefoy. Sossamon along with Fraser are bright young actresses whose roles make "A Knight's Tale" a box office hit; while Bettany and Purefoy have tremendous screen presence. Watching these actors perform in supporting roles, gave me reason to smile because it was like the completion of a 2000 piece puzzle.

With similarities to "Gladiator," this film has far surpassed my expectations. The writer's took "A Knight's Tale" a step further with the creation of a love triangle, humor and professional jealousy. I commend the writer's approach to these areas as they made it enjoyable from start to finish. I was impressed with addition of humor and music which included songs such as 'We Will Rock You.'
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You have to rent this movie
4 September 2006
Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan deliver excellent performances as they re-team for the third time. Fresh off "Saving Private Ryan" Tom Hanks plays Joe Fox a bookstore owner looking to take over every bookstore in sight in order to make his the only one in town. He butts heads with Meg Ryan who portrays Kathleen Kelly, a small bookstore owner, called The Shop Around The Corner. As rivals in the book business they are natural enemies, but what they don't know is they are carrying on an e-mail correspondence.

One of the many great surprises for me about this film was the performance of Jean Stapleton as Birdie who adds with her witty humor and jokes. As Meg Ryan's love interest, Greg Kinnear stars as Frank Navaski, a newspaper columnist, has the sense of humor that takes this film to a new plateau.

Since this movie is so good I don't want to give away many details but I can say when this movie hits its groove it gets better and better and by the time the movie is over people will not want to leave their seats. This is a smartly made and brilliantly directed film by Nora Ephron who worked with Hanks and Ryan in "Sleepless In Seattle." It seems as if Tom Hanks took over the role of director in the last thirty minutes of the movie; he does a wonderful job at doing this.

The best part of the whole entire movie comes in the final scene and the dialogue between the actors involved with that scene; with that scene the whole movie is tied together. This is a tremendously well-done and brilliantly put together film and definitely worth everyone's while to sit and relax for 120 min.
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Extreme Ops (2002)
extremely awful
4 September 2006
If action sequences were given more weight than a script, then "Extreme Ops" would take the grand prize; however, each are given the same amount and one cannot survive without the other. It seemed the plot was hidden underneath the snow and scattered along the only redeeming quality: the setting.

"Extreme Ops" follows a film crew who must capture footage of three extreme sports enthusiasts being chased by an avalanche for a television commercial. During some late-night fun, inadvertent footage captures a secret rendezvous between a Serbian war criminal and his girlfriend on a remote mountain hideaway. This leads to a game of cat and mouse as the extremists attempt to escape with their lives.

On the surface, it may seem slightly interesting and filled with excitement, but "Extreme Ops" is a 93-minute film that takes half of that time to establish itself and failed to convince me of becoming anything other than a group of actors and their director having some fun in the snow.

Only two redeeming qualities survived "Extreme Ops": the setting and action scenes. With chase scenes through the scenic mountain backdrop involving skiing, snowboarding, skydiving, white water rafting, helicopters, motorcycles, and base-jumping, it's easy to overlook that "Extreme Ops" is extremely awful.
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The Patriot (2000)
4 September 2006
Mel Gibson is back better than ever doing what he does best; entertaining the audience. Gibson stars in "The Patriot," his best film since "Braveheart," the masterpiece which he also directed.

"The Patriot" surrounds a father and retired war hero who is thrown back into war after the death of one of his sons at the hands of an evil military officer.

Co-starring Heath Ledger, "The Patriot" is an excellent look at the brutality of what war does to a family. Ledger portrays Gibson's eldest son who enters military service to follow in his father's footsteps.

I was very impressed with the maturity level of Heath Ledger because he turned out to be the perfect choice for the role of Gabriel. Ledger contained the qualities it took for a good performance such as integrity and screen presence. Ledger is destined to become a true star.

"The Patriot" begged the question: How far would you go to protect your family? The way "The Patriot" answers this question unlike anything I've ever seen before.

"The best part of "The Patriot" is the development of the relationship between father and son. I have never seen a movie of this magnitude who has so much devotion, love and protective instinct that Gibson has shown in "The Patriot." Gibson has shown that he is not just an actor but a family man as well.

The storyline is great, the performances are outstanding and the direction is among the best. For these reasons, "The Patriot" deserves every bit of success it gets.
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excellent mystery thriller
4 September 2006
Don't say a word, for if you do, one of the best kept surprises of 2001 may be revealed. "Don't Say A Word" is an intelligent, suspenseful and well written movie. With his role as Dr. Nathan Conrad in "Don't Say A Word," Michael Douglas has proved he still has the ability to charm audiences and continue to deliver great performances.

Mystery is one of my favorite genres to watch on screen because it forces the mind to work. One of the requirements for mystery is to keep the villain's identity hidden; however, there are exceptions to this rule. When the identity is revealed early, I look to see how well the villain is doing at keeping the suspense alive for the audience.

The utterance of Michael Douglas' name should be enough to convince them that the movie will be successful. I knew immediately when I heard his name mentioned in relation "Don't Say A Word" I recognized I was going to receive 110 percent effort, quality, reliability and success. Quality, credibility and reliability are three huge assets Douglas brings to each film he stars in; therefore, I'm confident every film will be successful.

"Don't Say Word" has laid the foundation for Douglas to let everyone know that he is still in his prime. One common thread I found in Douglas' 35-year film career was the impact he made in each film he starred. For example films such as "Romancing The Stone," "War Of The Roses," "Wall Street," "A Perfect Murder and "The Game," Douglas has been able to make the film better as he does with "Don't Say A Word. Other attributes Douglas brings are charm, charisma and presence; three reasons why he is one of the best dramatic actors in Hollywood.

"Don't Say A Word" involves a psychiatrist who must retrieve a six digit code from one of his patients, who happens to be the daughter of a man who stole a precious gem from his cohorts in crime. Douglas portrays the desperate psychiatrist who has eight hours to retrieve this six-digit code to save the life of his wife and daughter.

Throughout "Don't Say A Word," Douglas' performance brought back memories of "The Game," because both are smart, clever and psychologically draining. Through his ability to draw my attention into the plot and ability to bring me into story brought satisfaction and convinced me "Don't Say A Word" works as a mysterious, psychological thriller.

One unique quality that Douglas holds over his colleagues is the ability to convince the audience of his plight; a situation is most evident in his portrayal of Dr. Conrad. I could feel the intensity and suspense utilized for his role in this film. Douglas has a remarkable and tremendous ability to reel the audience in and make them a part of the film. When Douglas and other actors are able to accomplish this feat, everyone can be assured with the knowledge that he is the top of his profession as well as the movie he stars in will turn out successful results.

As I stated earlier, Bean's performance in "Don't Say A Word" is played to perfection; however, I didn't realize how convincing was in the role. It is extremely enjoyable to watch films that contain actors who look their parts because it makes the film much more credible. I'm glad I got the opportunity to watch Bean in action because it is not often I see a convincing villainous performance. My only wish is to watch him star in more films, much more frequently because he is a huge talent.

Brittany Murphy was the best thing to happen to "Don't Say A Word" because she brought this movie to life. Her role in this film should be used as model for future psychological thrillers because of her ability to capture the true essence of her character. Murphy portrays her character so well and close to reality, I nearly forgot she was an actress. Murphy will only travel one direction from her role in "Don't Say A Word." This direction is up.

The plot may be formulaic, but it is enjoyable to watch nonetheless. The emergence of Murphy, a well-written script and the ability to keep everyone in suspense are reasons everyone must see "Don't Say A Word." Two thumbs up.
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Cliffhanger (1993)
One of Sly's best films
4 September 2006
Hold on for dear life as Sylvester Stallone takes you on the ride of a lifetime. With extreme non-stop action, gripping and suspense-filled scenes; Stallone has proved why he is a SUPERSTAR with his role in "Cliffhanger." I knew I would be in for an action packed treat as soon as I realized Stallone was starring in this film; however, I failed to realized how great the other actors were in this film.

Stallone is joined by Michael Rooker, Janine Turner and John Lithgow as they produce quite possibly the best action film of 1993. The cast is perfectly selected and chosen to play their parts. It was a joy to see a reversal of roles. I'm not accustomed to seeing Rooker as a hero or Lithgow as a villain; it is a refreshing change.

I couldn't have asked for a better villain than Lithgow. He is one of the most ruthless and cunning villains I've seen. I enjoyed how he never let anything get in his way and spared no expense to get what he wanted. I'm glad I got the chance to see him play the villain and hope I see it again.

Turner gives tremendous support to this film and creates an atmosphere where it is enjoyable to watch. She is the heat that warms a cold room because every time she comes on screen it seems as though it is hot. It is a delight to see an incredible actress to have that much power. Rooker makes up the other the third of talented actors that makes "Cliffhanger" a delight to watch. Rooker brings a fresh view to the film as well as credibility; all I have to say is awesome work, Michael.

There is an avalanche of talent in "Cliffhanger." Stallone is an unstoppable force and incredible action hero. After watching "Cliffhanger," I'm convinced that Stallone was the only man for this job. Stallone had the fire in his eyes for this part that told me he means business. Only true action stars have the fire I saw; furthermore, I was fascinated with the strength, power and conviction with which he took on the role.

Another reason I enjoyed "Cliffhanger" was the writing because it contained unbelievable action sequences, a man dealing with redemption and dialogue is awesome. I was impressed to see that Stallone also co-wrote the script because he really has a knack for what action fans want.

"Cliffhanger" is a super-charged, heart-racing, suspense-filled action thrill ride.
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get swept away in this romance
4 September 2006
Spread the message and let everyone know that "Message In A Bottle" was an incredible sight to behold because it was the type of movie that cleared my mind of everything else and allowed to relax in my chair.

"Message In A Bottle" along with the writers as well as Kevin Costner, Paul Newman, and Robin Wright Penn swept me away to another place that gave me the chance to watch a brilliant film with no worries and enjoy an epic romance.

Costner, Newman and Wright Penn share the screen to tell the incredible, emotional and powerful story of one reporter's mission to locate the writer of three mysterious messages that turned up ashore.

The following events set off a tender and sweet romance between Garret Blake played by Costner and Theresa Osborne played by Penn. Also, mixed into this wonderfully crafted plot is Newman who plays Dodge, Garret's father who acts as a calming effect for his son when trying to deal with his newfound feelings about Theresa and those for Catherine, the object of the mysterious messages.

The performances by Costner, Penn and Newman seemed so natural it was enjoyable to watch actors not try so hard to do their best. I got the feeling that the actors truly cared about making this film the best they could for their fans because of the integrity and sincerity they brought to their characters.

"Message In A Bottle" was a powerful and inspirational movie to watch and will be treasured for years to come. In addition, it had two of my favorite actors and it gave me the opportunity to watch a brilliant actress come in to her own.
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An incredible drama/comedy that will appeal to everyone
4 September 2006
"What Women Want" was very impressive film which starred two of the best stars in Hollywood; Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. Gibson and Hunt have great comedic appeal. There are few comedies this year that come close to the caliber of this film. Without a doubt "What Women Want" is the best comedy of 2000.

"What Women Want" contains original and funny jokes that made me laugh and continued throughout the movie. This film works on many levels as well because Gibson's character, Nick Marshall has to mend a relationship with his daughter. I don't think there is another actor who could have pulled off a genuinely convincing performance and make it work at the same time.

In fact, the underlying storyline with Nick's daughter made "What Women Want" much more appealing to me than the comedic aspect. If it were just a straight forward comedy because it would not be as unique. The relationship sub-plot made it much more interesting for me because it made it unique because it is not often you see a comedy with other sub-plots going on.

Each scene was carefully orchestrated and well-crafted. I was very impressed at how original the comedy was because it is not often that you find good quality comedy that has not been before. Gibson and Hunt sparkle as each bring their own style of humor to "What Women Want." I can not think of another comedic film that all the pieces so original came together and worked. It is a well done work of art to see this film.

Helen Hunt has successfully made the transition from television actress to film star with movies like "Pay It Forward" and "Cast Away." Hunt is an absolutely exquisite actress and should be highly commended for her role as the new creative director. The chemistry she has with Nick is incredible and undeniable. Hunt is a fresh sight in Hollywood and I hope she stays for a very long time.

"What Women Want" is a very funny movie and it will allow each viewer to sit back and relax. As I stated earlier, "What Women Want" is a stylish, well done, well-crafted work of art and MUST BE SEEN by everyone.
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Taps (I) (1981)
awesome film
4 September 2006
"Taps" is a film which contained strong performances and a rich plot. This is an excellent film that paved the way for several great stars as it launched very successful movie careers for three of its stars. There is nothing more one can ask for when all of the elements are there.

"Taps" spawned the careers of Tom Cruise, Timothy Hutton and Sean Penn. I saw the potential these three actors had five years before they became fame famous because I forgot they were rookie actors. If only more films can have the caliber of talent "Taps" had as these stars delivered top notch performances it would a great day for me.

Another part of the film I enjoyed was the plot because it is relevant in present times. I was very impressed with the writer's ability to come up with a unique storyline.

"Taps" is a film to be treasured because the messages it sends are so rich. From the dialogue between George C. Scott and Timothy Hutton to the courageous stand the cadets front to prevent their academy to close, it is clear to me "Taps" will remain lodged in minds for years to come.

I knew "Taps" would be a special film from the very beginning; however, it turned out to be much more than that. It gave three young actors a springboard to three awesome careers.
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Shaft (2000)
awesome action film
4 September 2006
With phenomenal casting, explosive action, intelligent dialogue and great humor "Shaft" has become a cinematic action thriller for future action films to follow.

I have not seen the original "Shaft" movies starring Richard Roundtree but if 2000's "Shaft" is any indication has done its predecessor well. 2000's "Shaft" and Samuel L. Jackson are an awesome sight to behold and have done Richard Roundtree proud by re-inventing the character of Shaft and making him stylish.

"Shaft" contains well-crafted action sequences that took me on a thrill ride of unimaginable proportions. However, the best part about "Shaft" was the fact that I was treated to top-notch and first-rate humor missing in previous action films. These are just two of many great elements that set "Shaft" apart from other action films and put on a pedestal high atop those films.

I could not have asked for a more perfect actor to play John Shaft than Samuel L Jackson. Jackson has versatility in his repertoire of talents, he has the right moves and the right lingo to pull off the character. His suave and flare for justice were two characteristics that impressed me and proved to me that Jackson is a actor to be reckoned with. I was impressed with Jackson from the first scene he was on screen because he carried himself with a strong confidence to carry out justice at any cost.

Vanessa Williams, Christian Bale, Jeffrey Wright, Busta Rhymes, Dan Hedaya and Rueben Santiago-Hudson co-star in "Shaft." These are actors that are so incredible in their roles they convinced me "Shaft" is not just an action thrill ride but an intelligent film with superb dialogue, excellent writing, and explosive action sequences.

"Shaft" was a true pleasure to watch and I hope others enjoy it as much as I did. Two thumbs way up.
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Zoolander (2001)
Awful in every way
4 September 2006
How can anyone think that "Zoolander" is a good movie. If anyone thinks "Zoolander" is a good movie; they would be wrong. "Zoolander" is the type of movie where everyone shakes their head in disbelief wondering why the movie was made. Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Christine Taylor star as the leads along with many talented actor making cameos in a film that makes no sense.

The director of "Zoolander" failed to make a connection between the audience to watch and the reason he made the movie. Furthermore, the writers did a poor job convincing everyone that their was a reason to watch as they utilized stupid jokes, bad physical comedy and awful writing.

It is unfortunate that "Zoolander" turned out to the way it did because Stiller and Wilson are both excellent talents. The chemistry between both actors are excellent but it was not enough to sway my opinion of the movie.
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pass this film right on by
3 September 2006
Richard Dreyfuss and Jenna Elfman made a very stupid mistake when they decided to add their names to "Krippendorf's Tribe," a disastrous film.

"Krippendorf's Tribe" is the type of film that falls under the category of mistake. The script, costumes and performances of the leads, Richard Dreyfuss and Jenna Elfman were all factors that drew me to this conclusion. Even the supposed romance between Dreyfuss and Elfman was a mistake as they had no chemistry.

I gave this film my full attention for 90 minutes but it didn't live up to what I was expecting. One thing I noticed lacking from this film was comedy, true comedy. The jokes were poor, futile attempts at laughs. Furthermore, I don't remember laughing at all and if I did it was at them instead of with them.

It was a sad sight to watch respectable actors such as Dreyfuss and walk around in awful outfits and star in this awful film. I'm really sorry I wasted my time on this film. The razzies were correct in making this the dullest comedy of 1998. They should have given worst actor awards to Dreyfuss and Elfman as well.
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Holy Smoke (1999)
3 September 2006
"Holy Smoke" is nothing more than a mirage that we call a movie. I can't believe two talented actors such as Harvey Keitel and Kate Winslet signed on to act in this awful movie.

I really don't have much to say other than what a letdown by Winslet. I knew before I saw this movie it may be a disaster since "Hideous Kinky" was. Still, I know actors have bad movies, so I gave "Holy Smoke" a shot; I was wrong. I kept asking myself what the point of making this film was. But, at the end I realized it was to fill 120 minutes of space on thousands of movie screens with nothing but garbage, only the writers and director hoped to disguise it as a film; It didn't work.

"Holy Smoke" had no scenery or settings that stood out, no brilliant performances and most of all no direction. I believe a high school or college film student could have turned "Holy Smoke" into a respectable and decent film.

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3000 miles from greatness
3 September 2006
It is unfortunate that movie fans had to sit through a pointless film, poor acting and even worse directing, but this is exactly how I felt when I saw "3000 Miles To Graceland;" one of the worst films of 2001.

It is hard to conceive of the notion and shocking to watch actors of great caliber such as Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell, Christian Slater and Courtney Cox combine their talents to turn in terrible performances in an awful film.

Costner, Russell, Slater and Cox are far from their destination as they try to reach Graceland. Films such as "3000 Miles To Graceland" make me question the screenwriters ability to come up with an entertaining script. Two hours of non-stop gratuitous action and four high profile actors cannot make up for the lacking elements of "3000 Miles To Graceland." This film fails to reach the potential it had with the original concept.

There is nothing new about "3000 Miles To Graceland" because a similar plot was created to entertain audiences a year earlier called "Reindeer Games." Since I enjoyed "Reindeer Games," I thought I would enjoy this film; however, I was sorely disappointed to learn that this movie was nothing more than four men with a desire to play dress up in Elvis costumes. If I wanted to see Elvis impersonators, I would travel to Memphis and take part in the Elvis convention.

The biggest problem I found with "3000 Miles To Graceland" was understanding the reason why this film was made. Four men parading around in Elvis costumes is so uninteresting I felt like walking out of the theater and asking for my money back; something I rarely find myself doing.

Another problem I had was the lack of focus and commitment showed by the actors. With each passing scene, it became painfully obvious that the actors were more interested in the concept of prancing around in costumes playing cowboys and indians.

Though there was a plot somewhere scattered among this mess; however, I failed to see the connection and relevance of most of the scenes. The scenes seemed to be slapped together and forced for the purpose of making another Elvis film. The writers must have had their minds on other topics because their effort certainly showed in the outcome. Zero plot, zero effort and zero character development totals a really bad written film. If I had a nickel each time I pointed out an irrelevant scene, the bank would go broke and I would be a rich man.

Costner has been one of my favorite actors since I was a kid. "Field Of Dreams marked the first time I saw this tremendous talent at work and I knew he had the ability to draw the audience into the film. With a roller coaster career that includes box office failures such as "Waterworld" and successes such as "Dances With Wolves," Costner has proved he is only human. Watching Costner perform in "3000 Miles To Graceland" was terrible because he put no effort into trying to make his character come alive. I look forward to the next Costner film because it is sure to be a hit.

Russell has always been actor one can always count on to deliver powerful and comedic performances; however, he takes a nosedive with his worst film since "Soldier." Like Costner, I sat through "3000 Miles To Graceland" watching Russell perform in a flat and extremely one-dimensional role. It hurts to see an actor who has had a successful movie career make a huge mistake choosing to make this movie. I could only wish and hope he can rebound from this movie and get on track once again.

I would like to talk about the supporting cast; however, there performances were so awful it doesn't deserve any comment. Cox was out of her element and should return to sitcom fame; Slater should make wise decisions regarding which roles to take.

"3000 Miles To Graceland" is far from its destination and drives itself into the ground as it strives to entertain viewers. Even with the firepower of Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell, "3000 Miles To Graceland" could not overcome its over-glorification of Elvis Presley; two thumbs way down. Along with films such as "All The Pretty Horses," "Battlefield Earth," "Soldier" and "Freddy Got Fingered;" "3000 Miles To Graceland" belongs in a graveyard containing films that should never to be seen.
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