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Citizen Kane (1941)
1 February 2014
I just saw this classic film for the first time and did so at a rep theatre and it was jaw dropping how amazing this movie actually was. It probably helped that I went into this expecting it to be a cheesy melodrama and very over rated because I also saw Magnificent Ambersons previously and thought it was not nearly as good as I had been led to believe by people. But Citizen Kane is everything that it is advertized to be. The acting is top rate and I would put the performances of the cast up against any other movie I have ever seen. The writing and directing is also top notch and the story is very entertaining and interesting.
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House of Cards (2013– )
House of Cards
12 January 2014
House of Cards is a really good series. A lot of what is going on seems to be a bit too much of a coincidence or too convenient but what makes up for that is that the writing is otherwise very good and the acting is pretty much perfect. I love how they have Kevin Spacey talk to camera once in a while as though we are in this with him. Robin Wright is also very good as his wife who is just as ambitious as him. I didn't really go along with it when he really goes over the deep end (spoiler alert) and does something very, very evil, but I guess that's not up to me. This is a great political thriller type show that I would recommend to anyone.
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1 June 2013
I am a huge fan of the first hang over movie and this movie is almost as good. To be honest I was one of the people who was very disappointed with the second installment of the franchise which was just basically different versions of the same events from the first movie but I think it works better in this third movie.

First of all more Zach Galifianakis is always a good idea the guy is hilarious and the best part of the first two movies. I think maybe there is too much focus on him as the lead of the third movie because he was so good as the outside character but it still works and is a funny movie, totally worth seeing.
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Down the Drain
1 June 2013
This show used to be good and had a bit of a resurgence in the early 2000s but it has steadily been declining for almost 10 years, it is time to mercy kill this show by pulling the plug. Not funny or relevant any more the cast is not as good as they used to be, the new cast members are not up to snuff, the writing is totally hack now. I don't know why CBC keeps dragging out the same awful 'comedy' year after year after year long after it is time to put this show out of it's misery and bury it in the nearest ditch. The badness of recent years has completely tarnished what this show used to be. It's a huge mistake they didn't let this show die gracefully instead of putting it on TV year after year without obviously caring about any quality.
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Shame on you CBC!
1 June 2013
Shame on you CBC for airing garbage like this year after year and either cancelling or never making anything good for Canadians to watch. Who picks your shows? Why do we get 15 awful seasons of 22 minutes and Air Farce long after they were relevant or funny? Why take a good premise like Little Mosque on the Prairie and then totally ruin it with the worst cast and writing you could ever imagine? The jokes are terrible literally the worst jokes and acting on TV. The characters are all so awful I wanted them to die on screen in painful ways. Please replace everyone at CBC, fire yourself, and put someone in who will put a good TV show on the air.
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