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The Unloved (2009) (TV)
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Samantha Morton directing debut The Unloved draws 2 million viewers, 18 May 2009

Actress Samantha Morton's directorial debut The Unloved was watched by nearly 2 million viewers on Channel 4 last night, Sunday 17 May.

The critically acclaimed film about a girl's experiences in the care system, part of the broadcaster's Britain's Forgotten Children season, attracted a 1.9 million viewers and a 9% audience share between 9pm and 11.10pm. A further 101,000 watched on the catchup service Channel 4 +1 an hour later.

South Pacific on BBC2 was watched by 2.4 million viewers, a 10% share of the audience, between 8.30pm and 9.30pm.

This was followed on BBC2 by The Incredible Human Journey over the hour from 9.30pm, which averaged 2.3 million and an 11% share.

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Fantastically gripping, non-period, period film..., 26 July 2008

This film really, really surprised me.

Yes, it's from the director of Bullet Boy - but I'd only ever seen Saul Dibb's Line Of Beauty so I was expecting a pretty standard period piece with Keira Knightely - who I have never rated much as a credible acting talent.

Boy does she impress here - she is fantastic. The Duchess of Devonshire is the perfect character for her to play, and it's obvious Keira immersed herself in the role, and completely understood every single motivation of her character.

I recommend everyone to go and see this film!