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Brookes top notch, 29 September 2006

I immediately raced to my local video storeto hire this as i have always been a staunch Brooke fan.I was so pleased that she carried a lot of this movie.It was great to see her diversity in acting once again.She is definitely getting older but just seems so naturally beautiful still thst her looks must get in the way of being offered grittier roles. Her surprise shower scene here is hilarious.Not forgetting how amazing her body still is being a 40 year old mother. I'm not o Tom Green fan,but at least his depature from grosse out comedy works in this film.How a guy like that could end up with Brooke though is a bit hard to swollow...only in the movies.

Ice Queen (2005) (V)
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i want my $1.10 back, 29 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The only way i could ever re watch this 'film'again,and i use the term loosely,would be A)with a gun pointed to my head or B)with LOTS of beer and a bunch of mates to laugh out loud at the whole thing.I'm pretty certain its not a comedy. The only thing scarier than the ice queen was Elains implants.Does she even realise where her nipples are pointing these days? Wait until you see the scene where her arm is pulled off leaving a very visible mannequins arm attached to Johnny's,exposing wrist joints and all.Oh,and the toy cars turned upside down on the snow are very effective...if you were filming a kids movie about toy cars in the snow.At leasy Harmon Walsh aka Johnny offered some eye candy.

Tuff Turf (1985)
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awesome in the 80's.awesome now., 25 October 2005

tuff turf was one of those movies i used to rent over and over again as a kid.Kim Richards always made it especially easy to keep watching.i think it was that amazing hair and raspy voice that hooked me each time.i hadn't seen it for approximately 15 years but recently purchased it on DVD.i was unsure if i would still like it but after watching it again,and remembering vividly every scene,i loved it just as much as i always is still one of my favorite movies of all has all the ingredients a classic 80's movie should have and deserved a lot more recognition and acclaim.would love to see what Kim looks like now.i will have to keep checking in on this site to see if she has any movies on the rise.

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see this film., 21 January 2005

i had never seen or heard of this movie before,but being a big Sarah Jessica parker fan i purchased the DVD-yes it is available-at a music store in Sydney,Australia. it was at a bargain price of five dollars so i thought even if it was crap there would be no harm done. and what a surprise i received.the actual clarity of the film was not too great,but the movie itself was great. Sarah Jessica parker was so fun to watch at such a young age and she puts forward a great performance with an acting style that is so reminiscent of the top notch performances she gives to this day. a sweet,entertaining and funny at times little film that left me wondering why i hadn't heard of or seen before. definitely at the top of my collection.

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Brooke fans only, 9 January 2005

as an Australian i remember when Brooke was in Sydney shooting this film and all the media attention it received.she did the rounds promoting the film and i was extremely excited when it finally aired not long after filming finished. I'm not sure she should have bothered.the film in itself is not a total disaster.its entertaining enough,but i think the let down are her co stars and their seeming lack of acting experience. Brooke does a good job with a silly script and looks beautiful as always playing an American widow living in Australia trying to deal with her late husbands financial business woes.its fun to see Brooke in a role in such a departure from her roles previous but even that fact cannot save this film-maybe the director should have kept her out of a morbid wardrobe of suits and overcoats. worth a look for Brooke fans only.

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works for the better., 8 January 2005

Although i really enjoyed this film it was a little slow and tedious at times.Not so much with the story,but with the slow burning conversations that so annoyingly poured out of Deborah Kerr Ungers mouth.Thiis was the only let down.She didn't seem wooden so much,just annoying.I felt it was strange that she couldn't spit anything out at an adequate speed.Gena Rowlands was amazing as was the character she portrayed.Another great surprise was from Brooke shields.She really shines in this role and these two woman make the whole film from becoming a bore.Their banter was enjoyable from beginning to satisfying end.Brooke pulled off this dramatic role with gusto and looked great doing it.For those who want a fast paced,elaborate film,this is not for you.But for those who want a heart felt,character driven, deep film than this may be for you.

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powerhouse Brooke Shields, 8 January 2005

what a difference a great script and direction can do to a persons acting abilities.Brooke shields was absolutely amazing.for someone of her credible stature she certainly carried this film from beginning to end with gusto.not to mention the performance from cherry Jones.why don't we see these woman in more dramatic roles. its hard to believe that this was a made for t.v film as it may well be the most entertaining one i have ever seen,so much that i purchased it off ebay. the whole film in its entirety is well paced,well written and definitely tugs at you long after you have watched it. highly recommended as a powerful movie of morals and integrity and an opportunity to see Brooke show what she is capable of.

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deserves cult status, 8 January 2005

i thought this movie was is certainly Brooke shields vehicle and she does an amazing job with it,she was totally impressive,endearing and mind blowing-ly gorgeous as the ace comic book reporter.her comedic abilities really shine through here so it is a shame that this film didn't become more recognized than it was. the editing in a certain part is terrible-witness Brenda Starr falling from a balcony in slow motion-but the rest is a hell of a lot of camp fun. Diana Scarwidis awesome in this role as is the Russian woman on Brenda's trail. i have watched this film over and over again and it gets better every time. do yourself a favour and dust it off a rental shelf and watch it.

Sahara (1983)
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a fine adventure film, 8 January 2005

i don't understand why this film has been given so much is a corny 1983 adventure like all the others in the eighties and does a good job as a film of it nature and genre. there's lots of cheese,granted,but isn't that what these kind of films are suppose to be full of? Brooke Shields looks absolutely stunning through out,and although her gender bending sequence was a bad idea,its not her can you make such a stunning woman pass for a man.the water fall scene makes up for it all though. Brooke's performance was fine,as were the performances of her co stars though nobody stands out.

this was a fun and enjoyable adventure film,just as it was made to be and deserves a lot more credit.

Wet Gold (1984) (TV)
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more a Brooke bikini calender, 8 January 2005

for fans of Brooke Shields,you will love this was a time in her career when she was just more famous for being the worlds greatest beauty as apposed to her actual movie achievements.she looks utterly gorgeous throughout the whole film spending it all in bikinis and scuba gear.i feel shes does a fair enough acting job with a dismal script.her performance toward the end when she has a violent struggle with her boyfriend,lends her credit.the movie itself is entertaining enough for a t.v film and portrays an accurate account of how greed can ultimately turn you into a different,less desirable person.the suspense of the film served its purpose but burgess Meredith did not as i feel his part,having had a lot more acting experience than the fellow cast,was acted terribly.definitely worth a look though,if only for the purpose of watching a tanned and wet Brooke..

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