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Disgustingly Accurate, 13 June 2014

Let me start out by saying this is not a love story. This movie doesn't glamorize their story in any way. The beginning is amazingly accurate for depicting the punk scene and what the public thought of punks. Chloe Webb plays the role of Nancy perfectly people say that her character is annoying and disgusting but that is who Nancy was she was disgusting everyone hated her the only one who tolerated her was Sid. Gary Oldman portrays Sid as he was he had a bright future and it was destroyed when he met Nancy. This story shows their downward spiral together. This is amazing because it shows the truth how grim the reality of it was the accuracy of the drug abuse and effects on both physicality and the impact it has on an addict's life and the loss of ones self. I find it so brutally honest that everybody should watch to understand that time better. The only reason I rated it lower was because I felt it moved quite slow and there was quite a bit of unnecessary fluff.

Dare (2009)
Truly different writing for a coming of age drama, 26 November 2013

The plot between Johnny and Alexa seemed quite average but when things became heated between Ben and Alexa he seemed to become quite childish in the fact of he wanted his best friend returned to him so he tried to take away her new toy type of deal. Although he was discovering himself I found it quite wrong in the way of getting Alexa back. Johnny's self discovery is understandable yet slightly twisted(not negatively plot wise) Alexa's feelings toward Johnny were easier to follow. And in the end Alexa seemed to truly be sorry to Johnny although the ending was more of a non-ending there wasn't much closure. I didn't like Ben's storyline because he seemed too manipulative and quite cold. I found the character of Courtney really interesting.

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There was no vision here, 3 November 2013

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James Franco and Selena Gomez's parts were well acted. James Franco's character was annoying however I found his depiction of the type of character Alien was very accurate. The only part I could make out that was supposed to make a point was when Faith realized that her "friends" were idiots and that she had to save herself before they drug her into their downward cycle. Of reviews I've read it's supposed to depict college life so accurately but I think it shows more of how the writer believes young people have been raised without any morals or values and that hurting people and just going along without using any type of logical or sensible judgment is OK. Which honestly I don't know anyone I go to college with that would do some of the more moderate things they did without using any type of judgment. And honestly I didn't even make it through the movie I felt my brain turning into mush.

Road Kill (2010)
Interesting take but not worth watching, 9 January 2013

The trailer makes this look really thrilling that said the trailer is a big fat liar. I thought the take was interesting showing something not about the people and more about the things happening around them. I felt that the acting was half-ass and the characters were underdeveloped people were set as couples and friends yet we hardly learn anything about their relationships. What you see in the beginning is pretty much all of the movie that is interesting. The climax came early and the ending was so long I thought it was ending 4 different times. As for the ending yes the individual you want to be the victor is however that character isn't entirely successful. The ending is kinda like the first Joy Ride movie the ending leaves it wide open for a sequel unfortunately this one was enough and they need to refrain from making that sequel.

Outlaw Country (2012) (TV)
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TV needs this, 31 August 2012

With The Sopranos and Weeds on it's last season all we're left with is too many stupid medical dramas(come on Grey's Anatomy die already) and shows about solving crimes or catching murderers. What we need is a show that doesn't have to make a statement. We need a show that is wild, exhilarating , and dangerous yet oh so thrilling to watch of course a little less graphic than Sons of Anarchy. At first I thought it was a movie and when I watched it as a movie at the end I thought that was pretty good but why would you end it like that. Once realizing that it was a pilot for a TV show and watching it over with a different mindset I realized wow this will be great when and who is picking this up only to realize the disappointment of learning that it had been passed up.

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Shock and Awe, 27 August 2012

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Josh Hartnett plays the role of Slevin a man mistaken as a friend of his Nick Fischer if only that were the whole story...Bruce Willis plays his usual role as a calm and collected bad ass. Morgan Freeman plays one of his few roles as an antagonist. A story of revenge, deceit, double agent, and love. Every second of the film is important to the plot don't blink or you'll miss an imperative piece of the story. The movie starts with heartbreak then moves into a story that has no relativity to the beginning then at the climax everything is turned on it's head and you are completely lost until Slevin explains it all while getting revenge.

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Don't let the casting fool you, 24 July 2012

I thought with such a great cast of well known actors & actresses with some huge successful movies to their names this film must be great. The description even makes it sound funny. Everything is misleading this movie is total crap! There is no plot even when the movie opens it feels like it's starting in the middle of another film. The background information is developed during the progression of the movie which makes it even more confusing. It's like a bunch of small random scenes thrown together in a mess that doesn't make any sense nor develop anything. There was one interesting scene between Elektra Luxx and her sister and one cute character story between Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Malin Akerman. I spent the entire film wishing something would happen or that it would hurry up and end

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Spectacular!, 13 June 2012

I never could have guessed how intricate the cocaine industry was at this time. I was born post the cocaine era so I did not know how incredibly different the laws were during that time. This documentary gives so much insight into this high-speed world of drugs. I loved how the director allowed the members involved to tell their stories; however I wish that he had let them tell all of their stories & it was kind of jumpy when moving a narration when moving from one involved member to another would help the transition to be better understood. But now I'm hooked I wished that some of the involved members had not passed away because I have got to know more the system was so complex I want to know how it all works.

Warrior (2011)
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Captivating, 20 March 2012

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So two brothers Tommy who has recently returned from war and Brendan a former fighter who has a family to support and are the sons of an alcoholic former boxer start fighting to earn money. Brendan wants the money to save his family's livelihood and Tommy is fighting to earn it just to give it all away to a widow of a fallen comrade. They are both portrayed as protagonists however to me it seemed that in the end Brendan came out looking like the selfish ass in the end. The final fight makes me so angry because there were so many opportunities for Brendan to do what he did during the fight before the fight. Tommy's lack of taking credit for his heroic actions and him taking responsibility for something that wasn't his fault makes him the selfless protagonist the one you root for because he is so selfless, honorable, and heroic. Brendan is the person you cheer for because he is the underdog. In my opinion Brendan only won the fight because he was a cheap and manipulative fighter not a better one. The story of hate and forgiveness was sweet.

To Each Their Own, 4 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think the point of this movie is that Violet wants a life in the outside world but she is so close with Grace she will never be able to leave her. The entrance of Luke into Violet's life begins to stir things and makes her question herself; she has this great bond with her sister but she loves Luke & he can give her the life she wants. Through the movie Grace seems to be having the flashbacks about how she always has to be the winner and she can never fail. I think it's this blind and selfish drive that destroys Violet since it is expected that Grace would be as protective of Violet as Violet is of her. I still didn't understand the physical connection they shared as well like how they can feel the other sister's pain. I also completely hate Grace for ruining the chance of a happy ending for Violet and Luke.

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