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A super-hero flavored thought experiment about fantasy worlds, 22 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Griff the Invisible is more about the clash between a persons fantasy world and the real world around him than being a real-life super-hero film similar to Defendor. It starts out like a vigilante film but as the film progresses it becomes clear that most of the super hero things happening around Griff only exists in his fantasy world. So you think that maybe he is somewhat mentally challenged like Arthur Poppington in Defendor. But near the end, it turns out that Griff actually wants to live in this fantasy world out of his own choosing. Even though this is an unusual approach to the real-life super hero concept it is only very briefly touched in the film by the dialogues and actions of Melody.

While the film has a very strong female lead with a colorful and lovable performance from Maeve Dermody, the male lead, the titular character Griff, falls short on these issues and after the half of the film he becomes a dull and boring character. Melody represent the fantasy world VS real world issues better then Griff who seems to be stuck in the fantasy world and with the exception of a scene near the end of the film, he is like a mentally challenged poor guy who fails on nearly every aspect.

I think the main problem of the film is it tries to explain its main point through Melody not through Griff. Thus, in my opinion, had it been focused on Melody, and Griff being the male supporting character, the film would be much more interesting to watch and its main idea would be far more effective.