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Liked the movie( Jim Varney Fan), 9 December 2004

I thought this was just another example of how good Jim Varney was. The movie was funny and held to the nature of the original show. If you like Jim Varney and want to see a very funny show I recommend it. I couldn't wait for this movie to be released on DVD. I only wished now the one Jim Varney made called Earnest P. Worrel's Family Album would be released. I liked the Earnest Movies for example: Goes to camp, Saves Christmas etc... But this movie I feel like is much better.

If you liked the old TV series this Movie will bring back memories, I didn't think they could find another as good as Buddie Epson for Jed Clampet but see for your self Jim Varney did a wonderful job. I will have to rate this one high on account of good clean FAMILY movie.