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Bad Apple (2004 TV Movie)
a well done film
8 December 2004
This movie was awesome. The cast was well selected and they performed beautifully. The film had a nice blend of humor, action and drama that made the experience well worth it. I thought Robert Patrick and Chris Noth were very convincing in their respected lead roles. Colm Meaney and Mercedes Ruehl playing the married couple caught in a very stressful yet funny situation complimented the main plot very well. Elliott Gould can play a kingpin like second nature and the addition of Jim Gaffigan as the annoying tech-man was icing on the cake. The soundtrack, story line and the overall performance of the cast made the movie enjoyable to watch. Cudos to TNT and all who worked on it. Give this one the emmy nod. I'll be sure to buy it ASAP!
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