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excellent film, 6 April 2005

I thought the whole film was very well done, to the point of believable. Every- body was well casted,and fitted into there roll in a very natural way,the whole film was very professional, and the acting was superb.,no over acting here,it was one of those many films that can be played twenty years from now and never loose any thing its timeless.

The only gripe I have is why is the DVD not available in this Country,on the internet you can buy it every were,from $6.00-$20.00,from other Countries,thats a little odd!!!! as I believe the film was originally televised on CBS in 2003 in New York, The film Distributor should be aware of the gray market copies that are available.

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my comment, 13 March 2005

I saw the film and it did make a impression on me,I felt that parts were missing in the film that were needed,such as a section on Jesus home life and the events that led up to his Saviour journey. Also an inter-reaction from the Priests,into why they decided to Kill him,and what led up to it,from Mel Gibsons thoughts and reasoning,would have been interesting.

There is no question this portrays the evil doings of man, as it states in the Bible,look what we have done to Six Million people fifty years ago,and three thousand people four years ago.

The only problem is that the facts of his life can not be proved to be totally like this film portrays,the only facts that can be enforced is the evil deeds that we as people are capable of,we have not changed from the beginning of time.