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A REAL CLASSIC!, 16 December 2004

One of THE BEST movie Philippines has ever made. A REAL CLASSIC! This is how our movies should be. (I wonder when Philippines will start making movies like this again.)

The plot is outstanding; and you emphasize with the characters.

Fernando Poe Jr. is not just "the action king" but is truly "The King of Philippine Cinema." No one can dispute that. He delivered another great performance in this movie "Divina Gracia" as he always does in all his films.

Susan Roces is also great in this movie.

I don't want to spoil the story for those who hasn't seen it yet. But I have to tell you this is a must-watch and must-have film!

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Two-thumbs up, 7 December 2004

This is one of the best film from the Philippines. These are the days when requirements for a child actor is to know how to act; and indeed all the child actors here can act especially the very talented Angelica Panganiban.

This film is about four sisters who were separated when their parents died from a vehicle accident; ten years later, they meet again. The story may have been predictable but the actresses' acting and lines will keep your eyes glued on the screen. Donna Cruz was refreshing, Ana Roces delivered a great performance, Angelu De Leon was lovely, and Vina Morales carried her weight too.

A must see film! It will touch your heart.