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Booo..., 20 July 2013

This movie was a disgrace to the memory of the great "Starsky & Hutch" TV show. They had the characters completely backwards (Hutch is the one who freaks out all the time, Starsky is "New York cool" all the time), and they weren't buffoons, either. At least they got the car right...Ben Stiller should be ashamed of himself for making this piece of crap movie. Anyone who was a fan of the TV show should hate this, as it makes a mockery of one of the first TV shows to show black people in a good light (sort of). I was a young boy crazy about cars when the TV show came out, so this movie was a major disappointment for me. I should have know it would be, with Owen "one-note actor" Wilson and Ben Stiller in it.....

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A great movie..., 22 September 2006

I have watched this movie well over 100 times. It is a great action movie, if you like this sort of thing. Jeff Speakman rises above the script with his natural ability and his incredibly fast hands, although the rest of the cast is ordinary (especially the girl boring!). I have sure seen worse action movies from the same era, and a TON of them since ("The Bourne Identity" and it's rotten sequel, for instance). Sure, it's not meant to be high art, but for an action movie with an at-the-time unknown star, it is pretty darn good. I am rather disappointed in Jeff Speakman for leaving a promising career in martial arts movies, but understand he is doing well teaching them instead. Good for him.

The Expert (1995)
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Not as good as "Street Knight"..., 22 September 2006

Poor Jeff Speakman! He should have been the next great martial arts movie god, but didn't make it! He looks so puffy from the 'roids in this movie he can't even move fast! How did he gain so much weight from "Street Knight" in such a short time? Can you say "steroids"?. Too bad, because he is such a normal actor, and much better than the crappy people who stepped into his place after this! I wish he had kept up his progress from his first starring movie, but he went (to me) downhill after his 3rd movie. Too bad, but he seems to be doing great with his martial arts schools, so I am happy for him. I wish he was doing great movies again, but at least he is doing something for the martial arts community.

Rambo III (1988)
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Rambo III...Good, but not great, 17 May 2005

I thought this movie was kind of silly, after "Rambo: First Blood part II", But after watching it again I thought it was pretty good. The only completely stupid part was the chicken-on-horses game! WTF??? In the middle of an action film we see these guys doing this crap? Whatever!!!!! It was amazing too see how big Stallone was in this movie compared to "Tango and Cash", which came out less than a year later! I guess even Sly couldn't keep up the lifting that hard that long! As silly as the premise for this movie was, the movie itself wasn't all that bad. And to see Rambo work alongside his (movie) mentor Trautmen and beat up on 50,000 Russians was, well...not so great but not that bad.

Desert Heat (1999/II)
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Good comeback movie, 17 May 2005

I think this was a pretty good movie for Van Damme to make his come back from drugs in. It was the same formula as every single other Van Damme movie, but it was pretty entertaining, and Danny Trejelo (sp.?) was very good as his faithful friend Johnny Six-toes. I've certainly seen worse (the matrix, for example)! It's too bad that Van Damme has gone to straight-to-video movies now, since he is STILL a better action actor than a clown like Matt Damon in the "Bourne Mistake" or whatever! Damon is a puss, a bad actor, and a complete wienie! I had a hard time not LAUGHING at the thought of him as an action figure! Oh well.. I hope Jean-Claude Van Damme starts making better action movies again very soon, and gets one in the theater.

Stone Cold (1991)
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A great action movie!, 6 December 2004

For a former football goon to make a movie this good on his first try was wonderful! Bosworth is one of the more "natural" actors around, and CERTAINLY better than clods like Matt Damon or Ben Affleck in an action setting. I love "Stone Cold" because it is a very well made movie, not some cheesy straight-to-video mess. People who don't like this movie are not very well-versed in the action genre, because it is one of the better movies in that genre. Granted, some of the movies he has been in after this have been less than spectacular, but Bosworth himself is usually very good in his role. Go check it out. It will be worth your while.