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Will someone please give Keanu Reeves a slap of a shovel!!!, 20 April 2005

Absolute drivel.One of the worst films i've seen in some time.Nearly as bad as Speed 2.Its just so stupid.I can't put it into words,its that bad! The plot must have been written up on the way to the studio on the bus.Whoever pays these lads to pick which films to make should be shoot!"Lets get Keanu!"i can imagine some dumb-ass saying,"He looks good in those long black coats". This film has about as much action as a cup of soup.It shudders along without a hint of direction and arrives an hour later at its overdue ending.Why is the devil wearing white?answer that for me! Don't spend your hard earned money renting this,Oh no,take that money and save a bit more,buy a big shovel,find keanu and give him a good hard slap of it across the back of the head.

Predator 2 (1990)
Door swings both ways??, 19 April 2005

This was never going to live up to the original.The first film,being the master piece that it was,would never have been as popular as it is if Arnold had not being apart of it.So in this movie we have to settle for Danny Glover!Why him?He spends the whole film prancing around in his old man pants looking very old age pensioner like.

The Predator,being the main star,is given some major screen time.The predator design can't be faulted,he looks amazing.His spear is his only problem,its too big and bulky to be used by an efficient killing machine.

The here is where we kinda fall off the wagon.In theory its a solid enough idea.The predator is drawn to LA by the heat wave and conflict between the police,the Jamacions and the Colombians.The predator spends no time in dealing with the Colombians,next up are the Jamacians in a pretty thrilling sequence of events.Then Mr Glover's friend buys the farm and Mr Glover takes it upon himself to find the can probably guess the rest.There's a pretty decent subway sequence,and a very "Aliens" like Slaughter house sequence.Then the film plummets into a lack of ideas.a cat and mouse chase scene takes place to kill some time before arriving at the predators space ship which looks as if it was thrown up on a sound stage in about five minutes.

overall its OK.The acting is nothing special.The plot runs out of ideas and there's a cameo from an alien