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Much deeper than one viewing may suggest., 14 May 2013

Loiter Squad appears as a collection of low level satirical bits mocking a variety of TV shows such as court drama, cop reality, a host of MTV shows and so on. To the lazy viewer willing to do no more prying than that, this show would be intolerable, but to the engaged and inquisitive viewer, a whole world appears. There are commentaries about black culture and the interplay of white and black culture to be found and explored, there is a much deeper mockery of TV shows that includes exposing the ridiculous nature of producing the bland oatmeal-like pop drivel that graces most of our TV's, and there is an even deeper mockery of the American people and their interest in lowest-common-denominator entertainment. So, as earlier reviews have proved, if you intellectually lazy, the show means nothing, but if you are willing to open your mind and explore the deeper ideas, Loiter Squad is very engaging.