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Reason for being unsuccessful
29 June 2006
I think the reason why this movie was so unsuccessful is because it wasn't your "average movie". Usually in a film, everything starts there, and ends there. This movie didn't start at the "beginning of the movie", it started in the series, and followed through into the next season. So typically, it didn't have an ending either. That way, nobody could understand or enjoy it without being a die-hard fan of the series. There didn't seem to be a lot of elements throughout the movie that a person who hasn't seen Power Rangers before could understand. For example, Kat all of a sudden trying to morph when she's about to fall in the water...a non-regular viewer probably would think "what's she doing?" Also, they wouldn't know who Kimberly and Jason are either...unless they have followed the series beforehand, knowing that they were former Power Rangers.

That's for the non-viewer...but I think the reason why some (some...not all) Power Rangers fans aren't too appreciative of this film because it's somewhat hard to follow, and not edited very well. A lot of things were not explained in the feature, and I think I know why. I read somewhere recently in an interview with one of the producers that the film was originally 3 hours long, so they had to cut out about half of it; which included some main elements of the movie. Such as Billy coming from Aquitar and telling the rangers about the Turbo powers and such. The editing was not the best, cause in quite a few parts, you can tell that something in the plot was missing. Probably because so much of the main storyline was cut out. If they would have edited it better, or left the movie the way it was, it probably would have been more successful.

Personally, I sort of liked this movie, but not half as much as the first one. The first one was amazing, and perfect for the big screen! I'll bet this one could've been good too, but should've been made WAY better. But keep in mind that I'm a big Power Rangers fan, and I know what's going on with the whole thing. I think it would've made a better direct-to-video release; or a multiple part episode.
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This Movie is AWESOME!!!!!
3 February 2006
It is truly one of the best movies out there, no doubt! The music is great, it's HILARIOUSLY funny, it's perfect for the entire family to enjoy, and the characters are wonderful!!! Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon make such a cute couple; Donna Loren once again nails it at her wonderful singing; Paul Lynde and Don Rickles are funny as always; Jody McCrea and Marta Kristen's mermaid-human relationship is beautiful; John Ashley and Deborah Walley's skydiving bag is out of sight; Harvey Lembeck does the hilarious Von Zipper antics once again; and what a great almost-final acting job for Buster Keaton before he died (even though it wasn't a big role)! If you're looking for a lot of fun, romance, comedy, drama, adventure, and more...this is the movie for you! It has everything!!! Look out Hot-Doggers and Beach Bunnies...this movie's a knockout!!!
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Seriously Weird (2002– )
"Seriously" Outta Sight!
4 May 2005
If you're looking for enjoyable, clean, comedy entertainment, this is for you!!! Sure, it's a bit corny at times, but it's a cute and wonderful show (Besides, being corny is a good thing, in my opinion!)! I love this show, and I know lots of people who do. It's not just for kids, but I've found adults who love it as well. (In other words, it's great for the entire family!) It really deserves more recognition then it has received over the past couple of years. The plot lines are great, the episodes are enjoyable (And VERY unique!), and the humor is CLASSIC (Not Bad for a non-classic show!)!!! On a scale of 1 to 10, Seriously Weird deserves a 10...all the way!!!
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