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Adopted (2009)
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Tasteless and an Excruciating Waste of Time, 11 June 2010

As a person who works in the movie industry, I watch a variety of films on a regular basis. I consider it a labor of love and enjoy seeing films and documentaries of all backgrounds and genres because you never know when you'll find something amazing. However I have never felt so embarrassed for myself and the state of our culture (not to mention American citizens) when I watched this piece of insulting, tasteless, and desperate piece of intelligence-draining garbage. Not only was it completely saturated in racism, lame jokes, and humorless jabs at stereotypical Africa, but it seemed like a desperate attempt for Pauly Shore to reconnect with an audience that he lost about 15 years ago. I'm sure he's broke and needs some cash, but it shouldn't be at the expense of one of the poorest and most humble regions on earth. They simply don't have the money to sue Pauly Shore for exploiting and ridiculing these people and their culture. It's disgusting to me that we're living in a day and age where people will actually fund projects like this to be made, and in turn, they make money. Even though I firmly believe in the right to Freedom of Speech, it's trash like this that makes me wonder if people have any moral compass, respect, or compassion for other cultures anymore.

Fortunately, in my industry, I was able to view this film for free because it's part of my job. However, I hope those of you reading this review will keep in mind that there is an entire continent and race of people (not to mention numerous children) that certainly were not compensated nearly enough for the amount of damage and injustice this film does to them or will continue to do over the course of time. When you purchase this film, download it, or pay to rent it, you are reinforcing the studios and producers that support these kinds of wasted efforts. Your money is always the vote that counts, wherever and however you spend it. Don't let these people get rich for exploiting an undeserving, culturally rich and amazing continent that doesn't have the financial means or global posture to defend itself.


It's rather unfortunate to see that some people choose to have a racist, bigoted sense of humor and actually have the nerve to call this trash "ironic." The level of ignorance in the world completely astounds me, especially considering that you'd think we would have evolved as a human race since the Civil Rights movement. Satire or mockumentary, real or not -- Pauly Shore's jokes in this movie aren't funny, they're seriously offensive (even to a caucasian person such as myself). If you find yourself laughing at them, I highly recommend you see a therapist as soon as possible and try to get help, because your lack of intelligence is a threat to civilization around you.

2012 (2009/I)
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What happened to the Mayan prophecy?, 11 November 2009

I went to an advance screening of 2012 a few nights ago and I have to admit that this movie was entertaining at best and that's it. The whole movie is almost entirely comprised of special effects. Of course you'll see all of the lead characters survive scenarios that a regular human being would not. Some of the scenes are so ridiculously unbelievable that you want to laugh at the fodder that's being expected of you to believe. Emmerich certainly pushes "suspension of disbelief" to its limit.

John Cusack and Woody Harrelson are the only actors that attempt to hold the film together, while Danny Glover and Thandie Newton were an utter and complete let-down considering their previous work history. You won't see any remotely Oscar-worthy performances here. The casting of this film seemed off and poorly executed. You could tell the bulk of the financial budget went to the special effects and not the actors.

The thing that I found thoroughly disappointing about 2012 is that it's almost entirely lacking of any interesting backstory or intellectual substance whatsoever. There's very little mention of the Mayan calendar, Mayan history, or any of the prophetic wisdom that has foreseen the supposed end of days. The fear, analysis, curiosity, and everything else you've ever wondered about this new mysterious year that is quickly approaching is almost entirely removed from this film. That would have and could have made this film closer to a 10 if I didn't feel like my brain was utterly wasted on this CGI and special effects bonanza. They try to cram so many explosions, eruptions, earthquakes, and natural disasters into two hours that I might be a little desensitized to the real thing if it ever happens. After awhile nothing felt realistic or interesting about it at all.

It's novelty entertainment at best and that's it. You won't wince at how painfully awful this movie is, and you won't walk away knowing anything meaningful about 2012, but hopefully you'll help repay Sony pictures for the exorbitant amount of money that they and Roland Emmerich spent on their special effects budget. Don't say you weren't warned.