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A turgid turkey and a commie hatchet job, 16 August 2006

This film is chloroform in celluloid and features the worst performances ever by Tracy and Hepburn. It is also Cukor's worst film. Several of the supporting players especially Audrey Christie are solid but Darryl Hickman as the child is dreadful. He isn't helped by Donald Ogden Stewart's leaden dialogue. Even Tracy stutters and sputters in a vain attempt to bring Stewart's agit-prop slop to life. Stewart was a patrician communist who probably got his mission to smear the great patriot Charles Lindbergh and the noble isolationist movement straight from Moscow. While Stewart and his dupe colleagues made this film in Hollywood comfort, Charles Lindbergh was actively fighting Fascism by training American pilots and developing aircraft. He volunteered for active fighter pilot service but FDR would not let him serve knowing that Lindbergh would have been an Ace. However, friends helped Lindbergh fly combat missions against Japan. Now, how many of those did Stewart, Cukor and Tracy fly? Don't believe the Hollywood lies about Charles Lindbergh. They are as phony as those about HUAC and the "sainted" Hollywood 10.

Mysterious Two (1982) (TV)
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Prophetic expose of the contactee mind-set, 3 December 2004

This very interesting and disturbing TV film was based not on the Jonestown cult massacre but on the exploits of "The Two". This male and female pair of deluded UFO contactees roamed America in the 70's enlisting converts. I read articles about them then in major magazines such as TIME. They then disappeared and I wondered what had become of them. They resurfaced in the mid-90's as "Bo & Peep" the leaders of the suicidal Heaven's Gate cult. They believed they were in contact with a spaceship that was coming to Earth to collect them and was following in the wake of the Hale Bop comet. I think this TV movie takes an accurate and chilling look into the world of religious delusion, kooks, cults and the "outsider" mentality. I stumbled upon it late one night and it hooked me and has stayed with me. Highly recommended.