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Total trash, 13 September 2011

I am a horror fan, a genre fan and do enjoy "B" movies, but this was beyond awful. The story was so bad that it was beyond amusing and became frustrating. So full of stupidity and plot holes... agh what a steaming pile! The ONLY good actor/actress in the whole thing was the DOG! It's not uncommon for these Hollywood genre attempts to be painfully dumbed down, contain terrible "talent" with nothing more going for them then sex appeal but this epidemic is spreading!

Furthermore, the CGI was completely amateur and really made a crap film look worse. There honestly wasn't a single redeeming feature throughout this waste of time.

Avoid this pile of shark poop at all costs.

Neverlost (2010)
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Insomnia is a cold place..., 20 July 2010

I attended the sold out World Premiere showing of Neverlost at this year's (2010) Fantasia International Film Festival - feels pretty neat to be able to say I was one of the very first people to see a film ; anyway, I'm derailing myself here...

For a film with a small budget, coming out of Guelph, Canada - I must say I was very surprised by Neverlost. Picture quality was great and for the most part, so was the acting. The story was interesting with a couple of slower moments... the audio though had not yet been fully mastered at the time of viewing (as per the director himself, who was on hand with cast and crew for a Q&A following the film) but the only real issue with the sound was that some things were a lot louder than they should have been (which will be fixed by the time it hits cinemas/DVD I'm sure) The basic story is of a man who's love life has been dragged through the bushes backwards and is now the source of his insomnia. Married but still pinning for the "one that got away", the film quickly moves into bizare territory that leaves it's audience split by two story arcs and unsure which ones is real and which is dream. As the story unfolds, more and more plot is tied together and twisted up again... although it is fairly predictable in parts.

It's really nice to see such good films coming out of Canada!

Lemmy (2010)
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Lemmy is God, 16 July 2010

I got to see "Lemmy" last night at the Fantasia Film Festival and I loved it. Every second of it. I mean, I've been a Motorhead fan for over two decades now and always liked Lemmy, but after watching this film and having the chance to see the man in his natural habitat and all that, I love the guy a thousand fold more (no, not sexually). He is Rock n' roll.

We had the two film makers do a Q&A afterwards, too, and the stories we heard we're just as funny. Zakk Wylde getting so drunk that his interview was a complete waste of time... stuff like that hopefully will make the DVD extras set once it gets released. (Which they said themselves should be out just before Christmas 2010 in North America, by the way!!)

The near sold-out crowd was loud and laughed and cheered throughout... except when they booed the likes of Lars Ulrich and co., haha! Anyway... just go see the bloody film, OK?

The Chiefs (2004)
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The Gloves Are Off!, 26 March 2005

Welcome to Laval, Quebec - home of the world's craziest hockey league, the LNAH! Les Chiefs takes you on-board the Chiefs bus with five guys who are trying to make the big leagues any way that they can.. while living in the arena! Yes, they actually live in tiny, horrid apartments inside the arena! Les Chiefs is the story about the guys that don't make the cut. In a way, it's a sad story of dreams that refuse to come true. But, it's also a Don Cherry style Rock 'Em Sock 'Em fist fest that's sure to appeal to fans of the games darker side. (The side Gary "the Snail" Bettman has been trying to eliminate for the past decade) This league jumped into the spotlight a few months back when NHL enforcers Donald Brashear (Montreal, Vancover, Phillie) and Slyvain Blouin (Montreal, Minnesota), Vancover) where both involved in a massive brawl that lead to the two players being banned from the league.