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Interesting new take on a police show following a family of law enforcers., 11 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This show aired around the same time as Rookie Blue, another police series set in New York (which I love), but the two couldn't be more different. Blue Bloods is about a family of law enforcers, Francis Reagan (Tom Selleck) who is the current police commissioner, his father Henry Reagan had the job previously. The show follows Frank Reagan, his father and his children (his wife has passed away). Eldest son Danny Reagan is a gritty detective who does what it takes to bring people to justice, often butting heads with his sister Erin Reagan who is the assistant district attorney, and doesn't always approve of his actions. Then there's Jamie Reagan the youngest son, who followed his sister and got a law degree from Harvard, but when older brother Joe - who was also a police officer - died in the line of duty, he felt the call to service and joined the police academy.

This show lets you see the law from different perspectives, and highlights the fact that police officers and lawyers often have a difference of opinion regarding the law and what's right. These different opinions are aired around the Reagan family dinner table every episode, and its refreshing that by doing this you the viewer really see every side of a situation, often one you wouldn't have considered.

Every episode shows the different part the Reagan family members play in bringing people to justice, and we see crime in New York from every aspect, from Jamie out on patrol, to Danny's detective work and Erin fighting for justice in court, while Frank as police commissioner is making all the hard decisions at the top.

This is a great family show, the characters are very family orientated and have good values. There is no real swearing or gory scenes (you don't see dead bodies). Although it is a family show it still has action, drama and interesting story lines, which is what I think makes this show an all-rounder.

At least give it a try and you can decide for yourself. Hope you enjoy xo

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Great show where the characters are as interesting as their occupation!, 11 May 2013

I've got to be honest, I first started watching the show because Chase from House was in it as Lt. Matt Casey, and Mason Lockwood from Vampire Diaries is Lt. Kelly Severide. With those two good looking guys on cast - as firemen! - I suspected I'd enjoy if only for the eye candy, but was pleasantly surprised when I found myself pulled into the storyline in the first 5 minutes, and left wanting more as the episode came to a close. From the first episode I had that feeling when you know you're onto a good thing, and I haven't been disappointed yet, needless to say It has quickly become my favorite show. Every episode follows Lt.Casey and his truck squad, Lt. Severide and his rescue squad and the two female ENTs while they fight fires around Chicago. There is plenty of fire action and tense situations to keep you interested, while the characters personal lives unfold and have as much heat as the fires they fight. This is one of those rare shows where they've managed to make the characters as interesting as their occupations. This really is a good show, men and women will like it, it's a great mix of action and drama, we see the trials and tribulations of friendship and romance at the fire house (and fighting fires of course!)

Hope you give it a try, you wont be disappointed xo