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Not as bad as all that - and why it's as so poorly regarded, 1 December 2004

On it's own, this movie is a little odd, but not un-enjoyable.

The biggest problem with this movie is that it was advertised as a "Bond-Like" action thriller - which it isn't.

This movie simply failed to satisfy every target audience they had.

Fans of the TV series weren't happy with anyone besides Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee in the staring roles.

Anyone who wasn't a fan of the TV series was miss-lead into thinking they were seeing a "Bond-style" action movie and couldn't figure out what they were given instead.

If you enjoyed the silliness of the TV series (especially the later coloured "Emma Peel" episodes) and aren't so tied to Diana Rigg (Is anyone really all that tied to Patrick Macnee?) then you'll probably enjoy this movie.

Just relax and enjoy - don't ask "WHY" too much.