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These are the worst movies ever made, they all Rate under ***. These MOVIES are badly made, directed, written, acted, etc. Some of these may be fun for its camp if you like satirizing while watching or whilst high. But generally, you should stay far away from these ABOMINATIONS TO CINEMA. We have had the misfortune of seeing these PLIGHTS ON FILM, and we don't want you to waste your time. Believe us, we know what makes a good MOVIE and how to Entertain - - Every Weekend
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The most thrilling, terrifying, and entertaining battles with aliens - creatures from another planet! We discuss our favorites as well as a pantheon of classic Sci-Fi on Ep. #55 & #56 for our Top 25 of the Which Movies would make your list?
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Behold, the AWESOME Summer MOVIE Spectacular 2012! We've ranked the TOP 20 Most Anticipated Movies of all 4 months of this great Movie season! Listen to Special Edition 2 PART Episode #52 & #53 at for our exclusive Reviews, Insights, Trailers, and more! All genres are represented and let us know your list at or at RATED AWESOME TO AWFUL on Facebook. Listen each week for new episodes on iTunes, Stitcher, Facebook,, & more! Thanks, now go forth and be AWESOME!