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Unforgettable, 16 May 2005

In our world helping other people is perhaps the most important we can do. Children are the ones who often teach us how to behave in certain unpleasant circumstances. It is not only a moving story but everybody who sees this film stops for a moment or more and think over the meaning of life. One of the best American films I have ever seen with lots of good actors. Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt are wonderful. In secondary schools it should be a compulsory part of education. I am a teacher and when I want to talk about this topic I always choose this film and students find it a very good example, too. It has not got a happy ending like it often happens in life. It is not a stupid story, it gives us lots of extras. When I first watched it, at the end of the film I was full of emotions and just could not sleep for a while. To put it into a nutshell: Try it and pay attention to Pay it forward.

Kontroll (2003)
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Blockbuster, 1 December 2004

One of the best films of the previous decades and at last cinemas were really full in Hungary. It's got lots of prizes and I think everybody knows why. After 2000 more and more Hungarian films have become famous even abroad. New faces, new actors, new director. That is very important. I just hope that is going to be a process, so more than some good films. The story is a bit strange, but on the other hand that is why it shows something new. I have to mention again that cast is full of young actors and I am totally sure that it was not their last film. Antal Nimród made a real blockbuster. I also would like to know how other European people think of it. Here in Hungary we have very good actors and most of them can speak Engish quite well, so hopefully more and more actors can appear in English-speaking movies, too.

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The family of Hungary, 1 December 2004

Everybody knew who lived on the first, second and third floor and on. It was not just a simple soap opera, it was much more. They lived with us, they were part of nearly everybody's home. They were our neighbors, friends or even enemies. People talked about them in the market, in shops because the main topic was how the people of the 1980s and 1990s lived. Their problems were our problems. The title 'Neighbours' was a really good choice. Whole families were sitting in front of the television, school children talked about the stories as all generations took part in. When it started in 1987 I was just a school boy in a primary school when finished I was already a secondary school teacher. I was a fan of this series and left out only some episodes. Now there are new series but not even one of them can reach the success this first Hungarian series could get.