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the funniest movie about loss and grief i've ever seen!
14 December 2017
From the beginning, i realised this movie's focus wasn't on bringing justice for Angela, it was all about these brilliantly crafted characters and their arcs, a tale of redemption with a witty script filled with hilarious one liners by Martin Mcdonagh. I went into this film not knowing anything other than the fact that it's a film that's been getting rave reviews and praise from regular movie goers. I went to a preview screening of this film, and there was a surprisingly great number of scenes in which the audience erupted into laughter. McDonagh has made a great movie here which explores the complexities of life through protagonists who all lack a hero trait. These characters aren't likable, they're all flawed in their own ways but that's what gives them depth and allows us to resonate with these characters. McDough has crafted a beautiful tale of redemption , keeping us emotionally balanced with witty dialogue which made the movie less intense which i personally enjoyed as some parts got rather depressing. The script didn't try too hard in terms of hamfisting jokes into scenes like a marvel movie, its dark humor worked brilliantly and i was thoroughly entertained throughout. I never cared for finding out who did Angela wrong, i was so invested in the depth of these characters and their arcs that the main goal of the film's plot felt so unimportant in comparison. This is a very well crafted original movie, with terrific dialogue, i would highly recommend seeing it with no knowledge of the plot like i did. You'll be in for a treat.
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Entertaining, thrilling, original, and fairly fulfilling
13 December 2017
I'm just going to start this review off by saying this movie has me incredibly conflicted, some parts gave me full blown aids while some other parts made me orgasm so hard i went blind. Star Wars Episode VIII is an entertaining and fun experience, though having just come out of a midnight screening for it, i am unsure where this movie would rank in comparison to the other films in the series, as the pacing, run time and progression all had noticeable flaws. Firstly the pacing, there are 3 main story lines in this film and running at 152 minutes, this movie feels like it went on for far too long and that Johnson had too much plot progression stuffed into these 152 minutes. I feel like this film suffers from the return of the king syndrome (when a film seemingly approaches a conclusion but doesn't and just refuses to end) I will definitely have to re-watch this film a few more times to take in everything to fully understand whether this was well done or not personally. Some scenes felt completely unnecessary and just contributed to the lengthy run time (for a star wars film at least) including that completely out of place planet in the star wars universe which appears near act 2. Some characters felt heavily under developed including that purple haired chick from Jurassic park whose name escapes me and the benicio del toro character. Johnson made ballsy decisions, this movie has many unpredictable twists and turns and i found myself feeling conflicted as to whether these decisions were good or terrible. Some i really liked, whereas others i really didn't, and by that i mean they were TERRIBLE decisions. When you see the film for yourself you may understand my dislike for the decisions made considering this is only the 2nd film in the trilogy. What i fear now is what J.J Abrams will do with what Johnson has left, as his decisions may lead to episode 9 being a piece of shit as i don't trust Abrams. Overall this film was enjoyable and surprisingly funny (Luke, rey and surprisingly Kylo all got laughs out of me in this film)

All in all, Will you enjoy this movie? Yes! If you like star wars you'll probably enjoy this film, to what extent though is the real question and for you to figure out.
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Extremely Underwhelming
20 November 2017
Having gone in with low expectations already, this movie still managed to be a massive disappointment, and this is coming from someone who came out of suicide squad thoroughly entertained until eventually realising it was a piece of sh*t. This movie is just straight up sh*t even coming fresh out of it. Wonder Woman proves to be a one hit wonder for the DCEU as Zack Synder and Chris Terrio's script continues to prove that they do not know what they're doing at all or perhaps it's WB's poor handling of the movie that ultimately made the experience dull and boring. This film had potential to be good, the plot itself was decent but the execution was sloppy and felt extremely rushed, running at around a mere 2hrs, this was a film which needed to spend more time developing its heavily underdeveloped plot. I want to see this movie again but without studio interference, the ultimate edition/director's cut has potential to be great. Zack may have made a good movie here but studio interference may have just fuck3d it up

Firstly to address the positives of this movie, the heroes are great, they were all very likable and were enjoyable to watch on screen, the chemistry between them was a stand out part, they made a great team. The story itself was also decent, though formulaic and the post credits scene was an amazing set up, it was my favourite part of the entire movie.

Moving on to the negatives now, Aquaman was a completely negligible character who was just kinda present with his pitch fork but never really did much, The flash had too many ham-fisted jokes, like Jesus i get it he's an outsider you don't have to constantly remind me of that. Ezra Miller did a good job in my opinion, and his character has potential, the flashpoint movie has potential to be good just keep Chris and Zack away from the story. The god awful CGI completely threw me off at times, close ups of Steppenwolf and Cyborg and Superman's edited out mustache was done so poorly and proved to be extremely distracting and took me out of the movies at times. The story also has terrible pacing, too much is happening in such a short amount of time, i thought i was watching multiple movies at the same time in the recruitment part of the movie, it just felt too disjointed and didn't flow very well. The film/story is also just way too short, i was surprised when i realised the movie was about to end because i felt as if the story could have been further developed, my realisation of the villain being defeated was of shock as i had expected some more complications to arise before the final act of the movie came together however it turns out THAT WAS INDEED THE FINAL ACT. The complication and resolution for this story is too formulaic and very disappointing there's nothing special there to discuss.

I myself adore DC, however this film is embarrassing, especially when the best part of the movie is the 30 second post credits scene. If you want to see a good Justice League movie, you're better off watching DC's animated work which is done much better than this poorly paced and executed mess.

Hopefully WB fixes the DCEU before they do the Justice League vs Darkseid story because i really don't want to be let down again like this.
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great film, but don't go in with high expectations
5 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Blade Runner 2049 is a well made but flawed film, however i think Denis Villeneuve has done the best he could've with Hampton Fancher's story. Firstly the biggest compliment i can pay this film is Roger Deakins' camera- work, this film is shot beautifully and is masterfully crafted, the colours and production value are all A+, visually, this film is perfect. Sylvia Hoeks as Luv is a standout performance in the movie, i'll just leave it at that, Gosling and Ford also provide great performances in their roles, with Gosling specifically doing a great job with his character, making me empathise with the situation the character has been thrusted into, and really care for his narrative. Ford also did a decent job however i felt his character was very shoehorned in, and i didn't really care that his character was in the film very much. With that being said, both actors still did a fine job in their roles. However i wasn't able to resonate very well with any other characters within the film, especially Jared Leto's villainous character, whose motivations i couldn't quite understand especially toward the end of the film. The story itself was tense and enthralling all the way through till the end of the film, i felt as if there was more to be told as i didn't quite feel there was any solid closure for the characters. Additionally, thematically, this film didn't perform as strongly as its predecessor, replicants being the lesser equivalent of humans are evidently present but this film felt like it had a more predominant focus on being a mystery/thriller/action film. Overall Blade Runner 2049 is a solid effort with outstanding visuals and brilliant performances from the lead actors, the ending was however underwhelming and i wasn't able to resonate very well with any characters other than Ford and Gosling's.


SPOILER ALERT - a few points i didn't quite get in the film

  • At the conclusion of the film, Niander Wallace is still alive and producing replicants, what is the payoff with this character? What was his purpose in the film? He wishes replicants to reproduce but what was his intentions with Deckard's daughter? With Wallace believing Deckard to now be dead, is this the end of his search? or will he continue to search for her as a set up for a potential sequel?

  • This feels very nitpicky but what happened to Wallace's eyes? why was that a necessary characteristic for the character?

  • How was Deckard able to avoid the authorities for such a long period of time?

  • and finally is Deckard a bloody replicant or not?
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Baby Driver (2017)
freaking brilliant, doesn't slow down or miss a beat
29 June 2017
Thanks to student edge i was given the chance to see the film early, having seen amazing reviews from its screening at SXSW, i went in with incredibly high expectations. Coming out, those expectations still managed to be exceeded.

Edgar Wright directed the sh1t out of this movie. Everything is filmed beautifully, especially the incredible action scenes and one- takes. The acting is superb, the film balanced out the drama and comedic elements extremely well, and the plot was immensely well developed and entertaining, the characters are rich and engrossing, with the chemistry between Ansel Elgort and Lily James being the stand out part of this film for me, lastly i was very skeptical at the beginning of the film regarding the dominating presence of the soundtrack throughout the movie, but the killer soundtrack was fun, lively and bloody joyful, and blended into the plot seamlessly , it became its own character in the film and definitely brought a smile to my face.

Go into this movie knowing as little as you can, this is an experience like no other.
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13 Reasons Why (2017– )
A Very Important Show For All Ages
9 April 2017
I have never binged a TV show as quick as this one. This show hooks you in from episode 1 and refuses to let you go, grabbing onto your attention throughout each increasingly dark, tense and depressing plot point in this story.

The message of this show is simple but so powerful. People can get hurt really bad, to the point where they are driven over the edge. This show explores that extremely relevant idea, executing it to perfection, with all performances done surprisingly well, and the direction of the show done beautifully too. It is a must see for everyone, it is a subject matter that could affect us all personally and can also be very educational for younger audiences.

It does get pretty dark towards the end, but it is important to understand the harsh realities of the world. The impacts this show left on me afterwards have solidified this show as being one of the best i've ever seen.
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Split (IX) (2016)
A return to form for Shyamalan
16 January 2017
It's been a rough few years, but M Night Shyamalan's latest film Split proved that this director still has it.

Firstly, James McAvoy's performance is the best part of this movie, his performance carried this film for me and kept me invested. McAvoy charms the audience with his brilliant (at times comedic) portray of the Hedwig personality, and does a good job making other personalities like Dennis, Ms Patricia and the beast frightening and creepy in their own ways. McAvoy does a good job separating the personalities from one another, making each seem like individual characters.

The other performances in this movie are also good, Anya Taylor-Joy played her character fairly well, especially during the more dramatic scenes, and i hope to see more dramatic work from her in the future. The other two girls did decent jobs but nothing really special about their performances. Betty Buckley's character was fairly well done as well.

Although this is a fairly well made film, i did have a few errors with pacing, the flashback scenes felt very shoehorned in and confusing at first. Shyamalan's camera-work and writing also seemed to be a bit messy at times, mainly during the first act of the movie, but was fine for the majority of the movie.

However, although this isn't a perfect film, it's definitely worth a watch, and it's a good sign for Mr Shyamalan's career. Fans of his earlier work will hopefully appreciate this film like i did, especially the obligatory plot twist. :)
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La La Land (I) (2016)
"Here's to the ones who dream," Chazelle's masterpiece
13 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
*very minor spoiler alert*

I was lucky enough to get to see this wonderful film at an early preview screening and man, I LOVED IT.

I haven't really personally been a big fan of musicals, mainly because it seems so out of place to suddenly burst into song, yet this movie managed to incorporate the singing and dancing into the story without making it seem too forced.

The film's exploration of the idea that life doesn't always go the way we want it to is something that seems to be explored so rarely (and done well) in movies today. Chazelle's exploration and execution of this idea was done so beautifully, that i left the theater feeling all sorts of emotions. Chazelle's execution of this message was really strong and impactful.

La La Land is a great film, even from the opening scene, the amazing cinematography and dance choreography made it clear that this would be a beautifully edited and directed film. Chazelle's brilliant direction, has helped produce a marvelous treat for our eyes to behold.

There are moments in this movie that made me laugh, and some that hit me pretty badly where it hurts. Justin Hurwitz' soundtrack was also amazing throughout and i hope he wins an academy award for his talent. All in all, La La Land is an amazing film which pays homage to classic cinema and LA, if you are a fan of movies, this will be a film very much worth your time.
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Young Justice (2010– )
Bring on Season 3
7 November 2016
After 3 years of hopelessly waiting and at times losing hope, we the fans can finally rest assured knowing young justice will be returning for season 3. This is quite simply put, one of the best animated series of all time. The animation is gorgeously done, and the writers do an amazing job with the wide range of DC superheroes and villains. Instead of focusing the attention of this show on the A list superheroes in the DC universe, the creators chooses to explore and delve into the life of the sidekicks, which is done masterfully. The character's story arcs are interesting, the story is gripping and immensely satisfying especially Aqualad's arc in season 2, accompanied by a talented cast of voice actors including Nolan North and Yuri Lowenthal. If you have not seen this show, i highly recommend you try it out. You will not regret watching it. 2017 needs to come faster. BRING ON SEASON 3!
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