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Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1996–2003)
One of the Finest Shows I've ever watched
7 December 2009
If I'm having a bad day I can always count on Buffy to cheer me up (or, even if it's one of those cases were I just need a good cry I can always count on Buffy for that as well). It's the perfect blend of so many different's humour, action, romance and just incredibly well written, believably flawed characters. I'm not exactly sure where all the haters came from, it's honestly seems to me that this is a case of judging a show by it's title.

There's little I can say about Buffy that won't become redundant, there is not much to find fault with. Sure it's got it's bad episodes, bad story arcs just like any show. But what kept me coming back with the razor sharp wit and characters that became like a family to me.

This is a beautifully written show and if you can make it past the goofy title, fantastic premise and (for many people) the campy first season (You'll grow to love the camp upon re-visiting it) you'll discover one of the best show's in recent memory.
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Don't make me hungry...
16 June 2008
Three cheers for Marvel for finally realizing that no one knows their material better then themselves. May they never sell another beloved superhero to a lesser being again.

For the second time this summer Marvel has given us a superhero movie that just plain rocks. With the exact right amount of humour, character development and great action sequences, the Incredible Hulk is up there with Iron Man as one of my favourite films to be released so far in the summer movie season. While I didn't like it quite as much as Iron Man (Robert Downey WAS Tony Stark. Whereas something still doesn't sit right about Edward Norton as Bruce...) it was nevertheless a great, faithful adaptation of the comic books. Plus the cameo appearances by both Stan Lee and Robert Downey Jr where terrific! Possibly my favourite Stan Lee cameo yet.

There isn't really much else to say besides, go see it for yourselves. If you're a fan of the comics, or just of fun popcorn films you'll definitely enjoy this one.

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Mary is forever doomed to be "The Other Boelyn Girl"
3 March 2008
All and all, not a particularly enjoyable film.

This movie sacrifices all that was interesting about the novel in the first place just to squeeze in all the historical aspects. All of the page turning scenes in the book that would have been interesting to see translated to screen (Anne's bloodstained dress, the deformed child, the courtship between Mary and William) were cut.

Fortuanatly, I expected that. With such a long book, I had to expect most of my favourite scenes were going to get the axe.

What I didn't expect was for the narration to change from that of Mary (aka. "The Other Boelyn Girl" for which the book was named) to yet another story about Anne Boelyn. The film started off well, if rather slow, with the story being told from Mary, but it quickly changes gears as the audience is suddenly following Anne's courtship of Henry and Anne's trials, emotions and desperation. Mary is quickly delegated to little more then a secondary role, with many key moments happening while she isn't on screen.

The story of Anne was told well, she was portrayed brilliantly by Portman, and had several fun and emotional moments. But that's just the problem, I've seen that all before. There have been dozens of films, series, and books written from Anne's point of view. If I wanted to see a story about Anne, I would have watched Anne of the Thousand Days or maybe "The Tudors" HBO series. What made this story special was it told the story behind Anne and Henry (and it was mostly fictional which added to the drama).

Unfortunately the movie ignored this, and thus failed to create the same reaction I had towards the book.

Another problem is that of characterisation, I expected that the movie would make the two sisters friends as it creates more drama towards the end as opposed to them being not particularly close like in the book. Same with the enormous changes they made in the personalities of the parents (and honestly, almost every character)I expected it. Many of the characters in the movie were actually more two-dimensional then the callous characters from the book. It wasn't as though this movie was badly acted or was just bad.

The person I was most disappointed about was George (one of my favourites in the book) who was given a woefully small role, although the actor who portrayed him did it brilliantly. Also, The character of William Stafford seemed to be added in as an afterthought which confused the audience who hadn't read the book (the two main questions I heard were "Is that the guy she married in the beginning" or "What happened to the guy she married in the beginning") and left those of us who had read the book wondering why he was portrayed as such a pansy?

And the editing, where to begin. Horrible, the particularly poignant scenes (few and far between as they were) were not given enough time to sink in before the audience was whisked off to another scene. Even having read the source material I was lost, so I can only imagine how it must have been from those new to the story.

The only bright side of this tedious film were the beautiful costumes, but even the bright colours and swirly dresses couldn't distract anyone with more then a 10 second attention span and despite them the movie soon became unbearably boring.

All in all, this movie probably shouldn't have been made in the first place. It was apparent there was too much story to tell in two hours, it had mini-series written all over it. But seeing as it had to be made for the film industry to cash in the the books success, it could have been done a lot better.
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Juno (2007)
Tries too hard to be relevant.
13 February 2008
Juno is the kind of fun, refreshing story that is extremely good the first time you see it and for about a year or so after.

That said, it will never stand the test of time. The movie tries so hard to be relevant to today's youth that in 5 years it won't be funny anymore. The teenage pregnancy storyline will still have impact, but no one will laugh as they watch it.

The majority of this is the fault of Diablo Cody, who tries far too hard to inject teenage dialogue that is indeed embarrassing to any normal self-respecting teenager. By trying to appeal to the teenage population she instead alienated many by portraying our age group as snarky and witty and using "hip" language ("Home-skillet") that just made me and my friends (ranging in age from 16-18) groan out loud.

The movie also contains many obscure, unneeded references that seem to be added in just so Cody can showcase how cultured she is.

Although the film does have some priceless lines that kept me laughing throughout ("I'm already pregnant, what other shenanigans can I get into") every few minutes Cody throws in another forced line that takes me out of the film. One minute I'd be immersed in the story of Juno McGuff and all of a sudden she'd transform into Ellen Page struggling to get through a particularly cheesy line (It's Morgan Freeman).

I don't blame the actors for this, they are doing their best to get through the lines they are forced to spew and they do well with it.

The movie would have received a much higher score had Cody just left her holier-then-thou attitude at home and written something with substance instead of parading her ideals, butchering the way teenagers talk and promoting her favourite movies and songs every few minutes.
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Firefly (2002–2003)
28 November 2005
Firefly is by far the greatest show I have seen, quite literally, in my life.

Written by the genius who brought us Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, this show surpasses them both. which begs the question, Why? why did Buffy get 7 seasons and Angel 5 while this show was given 11 measly episodes before FOX decided to cancel it?

Many people assume that shows are canceled because the ratings drop or because they do not get enough of a fan base, but Firefly was never given a fair chance. The show never had a chance as the episodes were aired out of order and they were routinely preempted to air baseball, but even with all the odds working against it The show was still able to get a large amount of fans as was shown with the Movie Serenity, the fans never gave up and eventually they were heard and a movie was made. But even the movie wasn't enough to satisfy the fans who are now attempting to get a sequel made by going to see the movie Several times a week since it came out.With such a ravenous, obsessive fan base ( myself included) it is very hard to see why this show was canceled. Obviously it is a very loved show and if FOX would re-air it the fans would be there to bring the ratings up. I just hope that FOX realizes this mistake as it did with the cancellation of Family Guy. and bring my show back.

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