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The Underwater World Adventure, 30 November 2004

The Auanauts was a great introduction to scuba Diving and adventure. The action, the Music, the logo in the title. I was caught the excitement in the underwater world. As a kid I grow in the world of television Heros, The Aquanauts was that TV show that really excited me. First came Sea Hunt, then came the Aquanauts. Two scuba divers, Drake Andrews and Larry Lahr, each week Diving in the underwater world of adventure. Keith Larson lift the show due to health reason, introducing Ron Ely as Mike Madison. The location of the Aquanaunt shop was, Malibu, Ca. I was lucky enough to pick up the comic book, and the pocket book. I spotted the game board of the series. Years later, I pick up the game board based on the TV Series. This all came out to be my introduction to the world of POP COLLECTABLES. To all baby Boomers, let's hope they bring out the series on DVD. Let me here your comments about the great TV show from the 1960s.